Doodles of Life: November 2016

Thursday, November 03, 2016

That Point

Have been away from blogging world almost a month. The last time I updated this blog when I was in South Korea. Now, I am very much safe and sound in Malaysia. Didn't get to do daily updates of my trip in South Korea cause I was tired everyday. Might slowly do short updates in the future (well, more likely in the next few years, haha!)

Short overall reflection about my trip to South Korea is coming soon! :)

Anyway, talking about that point. I think I have reached that point when I started to lose my self confidence and question my self-worth. Can't help but to feel that way when you have been unemployed for almost 5 months. I know I am going to hit this point at some point in my life. However, I never thought that I will reach this point at the age of 23.

Please pray that seorang Farah will get a job soon cause I don't want to dwell myself with this negativity anymore.
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