Doodles of Life: May 2016

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Road Trip To Bruce Peninsula National Park

Have been wanting to update about this road trip to Bruce Peninsula National Park since last week but I was too occupied with my guests. Well, I haven't seen them since we came to Canada so there were a lot of things that we need to talk about. Plus, we had a sendiri-sendiri Korean dramas marathon. Oh my god, we were like the definition of unemployed bums for the past few days. lol! 

Anyway, I figured I should update about this road trip now than later before I become lazy or too occupied with my other personal affairs.

On May 13 (it was Friday the 13th btw, hehe!), we rent a car to send our soon-to-be-shipped-to-Malaysia stuff to our senior house. After we done with sending our stuff, my housemate drove us to Bruce Peninsula National Park. Bak kata orang, alang-alang dah ada kereta, kita keluar merayap la. Bukan selalu. Plus, Bruce Peninsula National Park is not really public-transport friendly. So, bila dah ada kereta, kita pergi sahajalah.

Bruce Peninsula National Park is 3 hour-ish away from Guelph. The view along the way was so pretty and calming. It reminded us both a little bit of Alberta. We were teased with the view of clear and blue water at some point before we arrived at Bruce Peninsula National Park. Ya Allah, we were shouting like a child as we were to excited to see the blue water because it reminded us about Alberta again.

Tobermory, Ontario, Canada

We didn't get to do many stuff or to go to many places because we were short of time. We arrived at Tobermory around 2 PM-ish and we left Bruce Peninsula National Park around 10 PM-ish. In those short frame of time, we only managed to cover Tobermory, Indian Head Cove, and The Grotto. We planned to go to Fathom Five National Marine Park and Flowerpot Island where we can see a lot of shipwrecks and more beautiful scenery, however, we missed the last boat. They usually have more boats going to and fro Fathom Five National Marine Park and Flowerpot Island but the service for peak season hasn't started yet, so ...

Indian Head Cove, Bruce Peninsula National Park, Ontario, Canada (4)
Indian Head Cove

Right after we had our lunch at Tobermory, we headed to the Indian Head Cove and The Grotto. Had to do a little bit of hiking but it was totally worth it! Well, the hike was super easy anyway. The trail is well-paved. You can even hike to the Indian Head Cove and The Grotto wearing heels if you want!

Indian Head Cove, Bruce Peninsula National Park, Ontario, Canada (5)
Indian Head Cove

We spent most of our times here as you know cause we were busy doing our failed grad shoot. As we were busy doing our failed grad shoot, I did not have a chance to properly shoot the beautiful scenery here. Rasa nak menangis bila tengok gambar-gambar yang hampeh dalam hard disk ni T_____T I should just take the scenery pictures instead of my pictures! Ughhhhhhhh >.<

Indian Head Cove, Bruce Peninsula National Park, Ontario, Canada (7)

While we were doing our own failed photoshoot, there was a couple doing their wedding photoshoot. It was interesting to see cause it was very Bollywood-like. Rasa macam tengok Hindustan sikit. And they used drones to capture the moments too. I am truly wondering if drones are allowed in a national park. As far as I know, drones are not allowed in national park. Hmmm, I should google for an answer to this question.

The Grotto, Bruce Peninsula National Park, Ontario, Canada
The Grotto

We then moved to The Grotto after my roommate was satisfied with her pictures at the Indian Head Cove. We did not really take many pictures at The Grotto because we were so tired. We just sat snapped few pictures and sat around enjoying the scenery.

The Grotto, Bruce Peninsula National Park, Ontario, Canada (3)
The Grotto

After we had enough of the scenery (honestly, you'll never get enough of the scenery but you just have to move on!) we went to Tobermory again for dinner before my friend driving us back to Guelph. 

Conclusively, it was a day well-spent and a memorable road trip! :)

And I just have to say this. Bruce Peninsula National Park is truly alluring. It honestly reminded me of Jasper National Park so much! (You guys know how much I love Jasper National Park, right?) I just wish I went there when the weather is nice and the temperature is higher cause Bruce Peninsula National Park looks amazing during sunny days!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Failed Grad Shoot!

Went to Tobermory, Ontario last Friday with my housemate for a day trip. She suggested an impromptu grad shoot at Tobermory because Tobermory is beautiful. 

The verdict of the impromptu grad shoot?


Farah H at Tobermory, Ontario
Sakit tengkuk akak mendongak! LOL :D

All I have from the impromptu grad shoot is hundreds of derpy and ugly candid pictures in Tobermory. Well, that's what you get when the graduation gown is malfunctioned; you are not mentally ready for a photoshoot and you're such a kayu you don't even know how to pose properly.

Such a waste because Tobermory is truly beautiful! *sobs sobs sobs*

Saturday, May 14, 2016


Spring is in the air! :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

[Q] 20-Hour Layover In South Korea

Hello everyone!

I know this blog is might not be the best platform to ask this question, but I'll shoot the question anyway :)

I'm looking for some itinerary or suggestions of things that I can do in Seoul on 20 hours. I have been looking around the net and found few things that I am interested in. However, I would like to hear opinions from Malaysians who have been in Seoul pula :)

I know it's kinda a broad question. I honestly am open to any suggestions but listed below are things that you may want to consider before suggesting something.

Insya Allah,

1. It's going to be Ramadhan
2. My flight will arrive in Incheon at 3:10 PM and will leave Incheon at 11:00 AM the next day
3. I don't plan to sleep that night so I will have more time to explore Seoul 

So, if you know few things or activities that are doable in Seoul in 20 hours during Ramadhan (in my specific time frame - 3:10 PM - 11:00 AM +1), feel free to leave a comment or send an email to me. I would appreciate it! Thank you! :)

Monday, May 09, 2016


I guess I have to wake up at 5 AM everyday if I want to see this beauty

Friday, May 06, 2016

The Halal Guys, New York City

I think I'm going to start updating about my trip to NYC soon. But I'm not really sure how soon is soon. hehe! Have to go over thousands of pictures which half of it are most probably my selfies.We'll see.

Anyway, when I was in NYC, I managed to eat The Halal Guys twice. I tried The Halal Guys for the first time after I was done with my visit to Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and then I ate it again before I went to EXO Planet #2 - The EXO'luXion in New York. Honestly, I was intrigued to try The Halal Guys because of the hype. I kept reading that The Halal Guys is so good, yadda yadda! Even my senior recommended The Halal Guys to me despite knowing that I'm quite fussy when it comes to food.

The Halal Guys - 53rd Street and 6th Avenue

I tried The Halal Guys cart at 53rd Street and Sixth Avenue after visiting MoMa. And guys, believe me, the food is to die for! Like seriously, the hype is not just a hype! It is real! I tried their combo platter because I was rice-deprived at that time. It was so so so delicious. The portion was big and the price was cheap. It only costed me $7 for the combo platter. And just so you know, $7 for a meal in NYC is such a steal!

The Halal Guys - 53rd Street and 6th Avenue

I was lucky because the line was short when I bought my combo platter. Right after I got my combo platter, the line became so long. I was amused cause it was cold (winter, guys!) and people did not mind to line up just to get the taste of The Halal Guys. Well, I even fascinated by myself cause I sat across the cart and ate my combo platter there. *The cold never bothered me anyway*

Cold weather + hot and spicy food (put too much hot sauce) = heaven

The Halal Guys - 720 Amsterdam Avenue

I was so smitten by the taste of The Halal Guys that I decided to eat it one more time. I kept saying to myself, "Have to eat The Halal Guys one more time before going back to Canada! Have to!" This time, I went to their restaurant at 720 Amsterdam Avenue because it's only a few blocks away from my hostel. Besides, I was short of time. I had to go early to Prudential Center to pick up my lightstick.

I think their restaurant is very clean, cute and comfortable. Most probably because I came when they just opened their restaurant for the day. lol! I ordered the same thing; the combo platter. However, the price was different. It costed me $7.99 instead of $7. I asked one of the employees about the price difference and according to him, the price is higher at restaurant because they need to pay taxes. Make sense.

The Halal Guys - Combo Platter

As the environment and ambiance were different, so did the taste. ha! I found the combo platter sold at the cart was tastier. I don't know why, maybe because I was starving when I bought my combo platter at the cart but they tasted different. Or maybe I was not fully awake when I went to The Halal Guys for the second time. hehe.

General tips to eat The Halal Guys: Put a lot of like a loooooooooooooottt of white sauce because the white sauce is so good! Put just a little of hot sauce because the sauce is hot like seriously HOT! You're going to burn your tongue if you put too much hot sauce *This comes from a girl who loves spicy and hot food*

Anyway, I highly recommend you all to try The Halal Guys if you have a chance. Insya Allah, it will worth you money and satisfy your taste buds. Hopefully they will open their restaurant in Malaysia soon! 

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Long Overdue Appreciation Post; Ray, Sandy, Hanis, Mazni & Kak Sally


I'm back again with this long overdue appreciation post. I know I suck at doing follow ups but trust me, I truly appreciate everything that all of you have done for me.

I'll message every single individual once I get other important things done. I'm sorry if I come across as unappreciative but I'm in the middle of figuring my life out. Hope you all understand.

Postcards, letter, and fridge magnet

I think I am connected to Ray on a spiritual level. I saw his Facebook updates where he said that he will be in Iceland for the next few days. Wanted to message him and ask him for a postcard but I did not because I think it's kinda inappropriate to ask him for something. Right after I decided not to message him, he messaged me and asked for my Canadian address. Oh boy! I was so excited :D

I received a surprise letter from Sandy. Sandy did not tell me that she's sending me something so I it was a pure bliss when I found her handwritten letter among all my bills.O Allah, how I love handwritten letters <3

Received an unexpected Hradec Kralove postcard from Hanis. As far as I remember, Hanis never told me anything about sending me a postcard. So, it was a pleasant surprise to see another postcard in my mailbox. Thank you, Hanis! :)

Mazni sent me a postcard of Kalbarri, Western Australia and a fridge magnet! Hip hip hurray! This one was a pleasant surprise too because I thought she sent the stuff to my Malaysian address. Was so happy when I opened the envelope. Thank you, Mazni! Truly appreciate it :D

Kak Sally
I commented on a picture on Kak Sally's Instagram saying something like "the owl is so cute" and kak Sally promised me to send a postcard if she has leftovers. I guess she did have some leftovers because I received an owl postcard from kak Sally. Well, pretty sure it is from kak Sally eventhough there is no sender's name. Kamsahamnida, kak Sally! :)

Again, thank you everyone! I feel so loved and in return, I hope Allah will send you love in abundance.

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Fun Time!

Karaoke-ing with housemates
Went karaoke-ing at a noraebang in Koreatown for the first time with my housemates. 
It was fun! 

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