Doodles of Life: January 2016

Saturday, January 30, 2016

School Trip To Niagara Falls, Ontario

Ini entri repost dari blog lama. Senang nanti nak baca balik pasal pengalaman sendiri. Saya cuma ubah sikit-sikit dan letak gambar yang lain sikit je.

Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls

Ini merupakan kali kedua saya menjejakkan kaki ke Niagara Falls, Ontario. Masa pertama kali saya pergi (December 14, 2013) tu, tak nampak apa pun sebab snow sangat tebal. Buat sesiapa yang pernah baca pengalaman pertama saya, ingat lagi kisah sadis itu? T___T

Kali kedua saya pergi (September 6, 2014) ni, alhamdulillah, happy sangat-sangat! Walaupun cuaca tak berapa nak cantik, sepanjang hari mendung, bila nak balik baru matahari nak keluar, kira okay la daripada pengalama pertama saya tu. 

American Falls and Bridal Veils Falls
American Falls and Bridal Veils Falls

Kali ni saya pergi, alhamdulillah nampak air terjunnya dengan jelas. Cuma bila tangkap gambar je tak berapa nak jelas. Almaklumlah orang tak pandai guna DSLR memang macam ni. So, obviously the pictures that I put here really do not do justice to the majestic Niagara Falls, okay :)

Kali pertama pergi dengan the other Jedis. Kali kedua ni pergi dengan rombongan sekolah sebab murah yang amat kalau bandingkan dengan pergi sendiri. Gigihlah pergi seorang-seorang takde kawan sebab Jedis lain semua baru pergi Niagara Falls masa summer. 

Horseshoe Falls
Horseshoe Falls

Sebelum pergi Niagara Falls ni, kami singgah Niagara On The Lake. Again, kisah Niagara On The Lake tidak akan diceritakan sebab saya tak buat apa-apa dan tak ambil gambar sangat pun masa dekat Niagara On The Lake tu.

Sampai-sampai dekat Niagara Falls tu, kami terus naik cruise yang dikenali sebagai Hornblower Niagara Cruise. Masa tu, excited yang amat sebab akan berada dekat dengan air terjun!

Maid of the Mist vs Hornblower Niagara Cruise
 Maid of the Mist vs Hornblower Niagara Cruise

Cruise ni 30 minit je. Memang akan basah walaupun dah pakai poncho yang disediakan. Tapi, memang berbaloi even basah kena tempias air terjun. Masa ni, gambar memang tak banyak sebab DSLR saya tak waterproof. Kalau ada GoPro masa tu, memang sakan saya tangkap gambar agaknya.

Elok je turun dari cruise tu, saya memang tak buat apa-apa dah. Saya cuma berjalan menghala ke Horseshoe Falls tu sahaja.

Maid of the Mist near to the Horseshoe Falls
 Maid of the Mist near to the Horseshoe Falls

Hornblower Niagara Cruise near to the Horseshoe Falls
 Hornblower Niagara Cruise near to the Horseshoe Falls

Alhamdulillah, kali ni betul-betul dah boleh cross Niagara Falls from my wish list. Tapi, mungkin akan datang lagi. Insya Allah, this summer with my parents pula. Mama dengan Ayah teringin sangat nak datang sini katanya :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Much Needed Reunion

Reunion at Malaysian Bazaar 2016
Fractions of us!

Can we have a reunion somewhere in Malaysia especially with Vancouverites once all of us back for good and before everyone becomes busy with professional life?

Sunday, January 24, 2016

From D'Arcy Street

Will be forever thankful to the D'Arcy girls for letting me sleeping over at their house even though we don't really know each other. From the late yet very delicious breakfast to the very mouth watering lunch, thank you so much! From the very awkward conversation to the hearty laugh conversation, thank you so much! 

CN Tower from D'Arcy Street
View from D'Arcy Street

Allahuakbar. I feel so so so much love in their house in that very short time. Seeing their friendship made me wish I have that kind of friendship in my life too. May Allah bless your friendship, girls :)

Friday, January 22, 2016

Of Free Tampons And Pads

So, my school or our student association (CSA) actually decided to become more awesome by supplying free menstrual products! Pretty sure this is a new initiative as I have never seen this thing before when I went to the CSA office. Saw it for the first time yesterday. I am super stoked about it!

Free tampons and pads

This initiative is such a happy news to me cause you never know when will you bocor at school. lol. No more texting your friends, "Do you have an extra pad?" when you forgot to bring extra pads to school.

Free tampons and pads

Good job, CSA!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

First Week Of School

First week of school has been rough for me. I had a terrible jet lag like I have never experienced before. I did not have enough rest and my sleeping time was tunggang terbalik. It did not follow Malaysian time nor Canadian time. Tak tahulah ikut masa mana T__T

I also just discovered that I have to overload my credit for this semester in order to graduate on time. I am really really really thankful that Allah has led me to check my WebAdvisor hundreds time for if He did not, I would have to extend another semester.

On the other side, I am extremely anxious as I have to overload my credit this semester. The workloads are going to be super crazy and heavy. I hope I can manage these six subjects very well for I want to graduate with flying colours.

Such a busy busy semester I

I also had to postpone my US visa application. I planned to apply for US visa during the first week of school as I should have ample time to do so but too bad, I did not. As I said before, I was extremely tired and anxious about this semester. Will try to get this done by second week, insya Allah.

I am also distressed about my job hunting session. I haven't started updating and customizing my resume and cover letter for the upcoming job expo. Will try to do it as soon as possible as the job expo will be held this Wednesday. With that being said, where is my business formal attire, again?

Such a busy busy semester II

Hopefully, I will get everything on track. And please please please pray for me to have enough strength to finish this semester like a champion. Insya Allah. Thank you!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Of Cinta Si Wedding Planner And Kekal Bahagia

Most people around me know that I don't really watch Malay movies and dramas. I don't even remember when was the last time I watched and truly enjoyed a Malay movie or drama. And please, no, it's not because I am a kacang lupakan kulit ke berangan Mat Salleh celup ke apa ke. I have been like this since I can remember.

So, it was a big thing when I said to my family, "Orang nak tengok cerita Cinta Si Wedding Planner tu la. Bila ek cerita tu start?" How can I not intrigue of watching the drama? Mira Filzah sangat cantik dan comel, okay? And, though I hate to say this because I'm not a fan of his, Adi Putra is really segak as usual. haha!

Cinta Si Wedding Planner

Ok la, I partially decided to watch this drama because I had nothing else to watch when I was in Malaysia. I have watched almost everything that were on my favourite channels (AXN HD, FOX Movies Premium HD, One HD, KBS World HD, HBO HD, FOX HD, to name a few, hahahahaha!) Tahulah Astro tu, cerita sama mahu dia ulang sampai 10 kali dalam sehari. lol.  And I can't stream all shows that I usually watch because you know, Malaysia's internet was super slow.

So, I thought to myself, why not give a chance to this drama kan? And oh boy, wrong move, Farah, wrong move. I was hooked!

Honestly, this drama has so many loopholes. I can write another blog post to list all my dissatisfaction about this drama but I would rather not. There are still many episodes left for me to judge the drama. Though, it is enough to say that up until 10 episodes, there are so many awkward scenes and awkward acting. The editing is also seemed a bit off. The drama is also cliche like heck.

But, even with all those things that make me keep pulling my hair out, I still enjoy the drama. I smile and laugh like an idiot. And I love love love all the random, nonsensical and hilarious lines by Adi Putra. Sakit perut gelak sehhhh!

I also come to love the OST for this drama, Kekal Bahagia by Ippo Hafiz. Sangat-sangat sedap! Okay, this is random but I heard Ippo Hafiz is a Malaysian but how come he does not sound like Malaysian at all? How come he sound like an Indonesian? Okay. Back to the song. I think I have replayed this song hundreds time. It will probably listed as one of the songs in my iTunes' Top 25 Most Played if I actually put this song on my iTunes.
When I first searching this song, kak Nur said, "Gigih kau ya, sampai YouTube lagu tu." She even laughed at me when I was listening to this song. Yes, kak Nur, I know I don't really listen to Malay songs, but kasi canlah sekali sekala, okay. haha! And, yes, kak Nur. I signed up for TonTon just to watch this drama. Now you and Kakak Ya can laugh at me dekat rumah tu :p 

Aduhai, miss the good old time watching Cinta Si Wedding Planner dekat rumah. Watching Cinta Si Wedding Planner would never be the same without you my family. Miss you guys T___T

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Adieu Malaysia

Thank you Malaysia for being so so amazing for the past three weeks. Thank you for all the delicious food. Thank you for all the love in the world. And, thank you for the weight that I gained (ughhhhhh,  I have to shed so many kgs after this) You will be dearly missed! See you again sometime in the future, insya Allah! :)

Till the next time I can make this shameless expression again.
Adieu Malaysia T______T

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

8 Years And Still Counting

I guess it is too early to say 8 years because we just entered a new year but whatever. haha! Alhamdulillah, it has been 8 years since I first met this amazing girlfriend of mine. Cheers to the past, present, and future!

Farah H and her best friend
8 years and still counting, insya Allah :)

Saturday, January 02, 2016

Australia's Souvenirs Giveaway By SitiYangMenaip & SalbiahM

Australia's Souvenirs Giveaway By SitiYangMenaip & SalbiahM

Saya tag

Decided to join giveaway cause I have so much time on my hands. Hehe. Gurau! Gurau! Mestilah sebab nak menang souvenirs dari Australia. Nak tunggu diri sendiri jejak kaki ke Australia tu macam krik krik krik sikit.

p.s: Do click the picture or the caption to join this giveaway! Senang sangat-sangat syarat-syarat penyertaannya.
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