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Monday, September 12, 2016

[#FarahXSouthKorea] Day 5,6 & 7

I was so tired for the past few days that I pass out every time I reach my guesthouse. Decided to abandon this blog for few days cause I need my sweet rest. hehe!

Day 5

We Are Young
We Are Young

1. I actually planned to go to few places cause I have been wasting time for the past few days. Places that were on my list are Hongdae Free Market, City Hall, Seoul Forest, and Common Ground. However, things went south as I woke up late (again!).

2. I decided to walk from Hapjeong-dong to Hongdae cause I want to see the view albeit it's quite far.

3. I took a wrong turn when heading to Hongdae and it led me to the discovery of an indie band called We Are Young. I seriously can listen to them all day long. Initially, I was at their rehearsal around 2:15ish and then, I decided to come to the actual show at 3 PM. I spent about half an hour to 45 minutes listening to them. I did not regret the decision! haha.

4. While waiting for their actual show, I managed to find a shop that sells screen protector. Alhamdulillah! And of course I, being an impulsive consumer, I bought a new case for my phone too! Terbang duit T___T

5. After that, I went to the Hongdae Free Market. Ya Allah, there were so many cute stuffs here. Really wanted to buy them all but I was not in a position to do that. However, I managed to snatch few cute postcards! The artist gave me a free sticker cause I bought quite a lot of postcards.

6. As I know that I will not have enough time to go to all places that were on my list, I decided to stay at Hongdae and enjoy the chaos.

7. I'll just have to say it here so that my future self will remember. Hongdae makes my senses overload!

8. I went around to see numbers of buskers but decided to stay and watch performance of Busan buskers. Totally loved their performance cause they sang few songs that I know. The feels! They got quite a response whenever they sang H.O.T, Sech Kies, GOD, Busker Busker, and Cool songs!

Day 6

20 Space

1. Wanted to be more active as my time in Seoul is running out! Decided to go the places that I plan to go on day 4.

2. I started off at Common Ground. I love Common Ground for the place is so Instagrammable. But, that's about it. I just wish I went to there with someone so that the said person can help me taking my pictures. hehe!

3. Then, I headed off to CUBE Entertainment and its cafe 20 Space. These places were not on my plan for day 5 but the I bumped into the girls that I met during the free concert and they told me that they are very near to Common Ground. It was one station away but of course, I like to torture myself. I actually walked from Common Ground to CUBE Entertainment.

4. Didn't see anyone that I know (well, I only know B2ST and BtoB) but I think I saw few trainees. Oh, I totally need to say this. All the things in the cafe are way overprice. Such a great way to ripoff fangirls, eh. haha!

5. Talking about BtoB, I decided not to go to a joint concert (I already have a ticket) where I can see BtoB along with VIXX, GFRIEND, Twice, and Gugudan perform in one stage because the venue is two hours away from Seoul. I was so sad :(

6. I went to Seoul Forest after that. A lot of walking was involved. haha! My legs were stumbling along the way. lol! Didn't get to see the whole Seoul Forest because that place is huge! However, I get to see deer and I think I saw the playground that Seoun and Seojun went in one episode of TROS.

7. Before I reach Seoul Forest, I discovered the Understand Avenue. Like I said on my Instagram post, it looks like a mini Common Ground.

8. The last place that I went for day 5 is Seokcheon Lake. I went there to see the Super Moon but masya Allah, there were a lot of people! Like a lot! Was planning to blah from the lake but I changed my mind and decided to join the crowd. Tak larat nak datang balik!

Day 7

Haneul Park

1. I just discovered there are few Malaysians staying at my guesthouse! Seronoknya dapat cakap BM :D

2. I ditched my original plan cause I don't feel like doing it. haha! I originally planned to go to Insadong, Bukchon Hanok Village, Changdeokgung, and take Ppang Ppang Cruise. Proud yet sad to say that I did not do any of that.

3. Instead, I went to Haneul Park. Ya Allah, I'm so in love with this park! I spent almost 5 hours at this park enjoying the view (and because of the rain too!). It's not on its peak now but I can only imagine how beautiful this place is during its peak.

4. The view was spectacular and calming, however, the hike to the top was a little bit strenuous for unfit me :( 

5. I was and still am so sad because the sun decided to show itself when I started walking down. I really want to take picture of Haneul Park when it is sunny and the sky is blue :(

6. Anyway, Haneul Park is quite far from the subway exit. I had to ask around. Ya Allah, most people that I met here are oldies and they don't speak English. Even the people at information center talk to me in Korean. Thank god for hours that I spent on watching K-dramas cause I magically understand what they were saying.

7. Talking about oldies, today of all days, most of ahjummas that I met were staring at me. With my limited understanding of Korea, I knew they were talking about my clothes. Most of them were saying it must be hot for me to wear something that covered your whole body. They were also talking about my headscarf. Some of the ahjummas flipped and played around with my shawls. I was kind of speechless with the situation. Can't help but to feel like an alien :(

8. Went back to my guesthouse for few hours cause honestly, I need my rest. My legs were trembling and shaking when I was on my way back from Haneul Park.

7. After taking sweet rest, I went for Dongdaemun to eat ikan bakar again. The ahjumma recognized me :D

8. Decided to check out Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain cause I don't know when will I have free time at night again. It was kind of nightmare because I was rushing to catch the last show. I took a line 4 subway and it was quite far from the exit. It took me half an hour to 45 minutes to reach the Banpo Bridge.

9. Though, I have to say that if I am not in a rush, I will probably spend hours walking to Banpo Bridge because the view along the way is so pretty!

10. The show itself was quite a letdown because I did not really see the rainbow.

11. Went to Some Sevit after that. Three floating island made the Some Sevit. Spent quite some time cause the islands are pretty with those light show. However, I only entered one building cause I need to increase my sugar level.

12. Went to Gong Cha and the staffs there were very friendly! I really love them. They explained very well the direction to the Express Bus Terminal subway station. However, they went above and beyond by telling me about the free shuttle bus. They took their time to draw the direction to the free shuttle bus waiting area despite the language barrier. Thank you so much girls! :)


  1. Glad you had a really good time there! :)

  2. Amboii dh geng ngn ahjuma ikan bakar nampaknya

  3. I still wonder what is that Common Ground. Hehe, tak tercapai dek akal. I pray hard you will post more details once you came back from Korea. :D really want to see more pictures and stories


  4. bestnya jalan2 korea ! take care farah :D

  5. HOHO sempat jugak ke korea eh tengah cuti2 ni :D

  6. Aaa I wish I could travel more just like you <33

  7. Nak juga pergi korea! Kita tumpang seronok tengok awak jenjalan Farah!

  8. Dah sampai korea dahhh hihi

    akakkkk rinduuuuu lama tak singgah :'(

    nuffclick hihi

  9. suka la view rumah burung tu...eeeh btul ke rumah burung?ke peti pos....hehehe...

  10. bila tengok sekali haneul park tu macam scary pun ada. haha. maybe sebab cuaca dia kan.

    wow, diorang siap usik shawl. okay, memang weird bila sendiri kena macam tu.

  11. Teringin nyaaa nak pergi korea lagi!~ Haneul Park looks amazing!

    ieyra h. | blog

  12. Thank u for sharing.
    I'll read yrs tonite.


  13. Your blog is super nice & informative. I will refer to this blog when I'm going to Korea :D



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