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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

[#FarahXSouthKorea] Day 2

Day 2

Ikan Bakar Dongdaemun
Ikan Bakar Dongdaemun

1. I walked for 20km! Now my feet feel like jelly.

2. I walked from Cheonggye Plaza to Dongdaemun! Fuhhh, not going to do it again.

3. I FINALLY get to eat the ever famous Ikan Bakar Dongdaemun. I would say memang sedaplah. The ahjumma owner and her son are very very very nice! She fixed my shawl when I was wearing my backpack. She also gave free something to a group of Malaysian girls.

4. Speaking about Malaysians, I bumped into so many Malaysians. I just smiled and nodded my head as an acknowledgement sign.

5. I saw a lot of police like A LOT today. There were more than 15 buses of police guarding few protests at Gwanghwamun Square.

6. There are so many festivals right now. Any open spaces are pretty much occupied.

7. Song Joong Ki is everywhere! Hopefully his image will not be consumed so soon.

8. I finally met the handsome guy (the one who people always talk about!) at the Arirang Souvenir Shop. Haha!

9. I already bought my first souvenir on my second day, masya Allah.

10. I just realized that Dongdaemun Design Plaza's rooftop is covered with grass.


  1. wahhh 20km? tough nya kak :D
    the ikan bakar n foods look so nice T^T

    1. fuhhh 20km. kalau everyday ni, confirm fit ni! :D love to hear more daily updates :)

  2. pergi sorang je ke Farah ?? Bestnya bercuti !!!

  3. jauh nya berjalan kak! haha song joong ki mmg famous kot skrg haha. can't wait for ur next post!

  4. Sedapnya ikan bakar dia tu. Ala2 mcm ikan kt sushi king tak? apa ntah nama ikan tu. hehe


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