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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

[#FarahXSouthKorea] Day 1

Day 1

Somewhere around Hapjeong-dong
Somewhere around Hapjeong-dong

1. Was lost while finding my way to my guesthouse. Bumped into a very kind-hearted ahjussi who is willing to help me finding my way. *He left his Benz at the side of the road and walked me to the guesthouse*

2. Was lost again while finding my way to guesthouse at night. Am thankful I didn't listen to my heart to go to Hongdae as it might be more dangerous if I went back later at night.

3. I find it is very cute when I am communicating with Koreans. Most of the time I will speak in English except few words that I know (kamsahamnida!) and they replied me in Korean.

4. Referring to the point 4, an ahjumma helped me when I was stuck with my giant luggage at the subway. I explained my situation in English and later using body language, she replied me with Korean thorough and thorough. Thank God we both understand each other! 

5. Kinda ashamed with myself as I am not fit enough to walk fast like Koreans!

6. An ahjumma wanted to help me when I was struggling to bring my luggage down when I was on my way to my subway exit. Very thankful to her although I declined her offer. :)

p.s: I am so sorry I am unable to spend time reading your blogs in the next few weeks. Am definitely will start blogwalking again once I get my life sorted out :)


  1. most of korean people doesn't understand english, isn't it?

  2. bestnyaaaaa. more post about your trip in korea kak! hehe :)

  3. yeay, you shouldn't abandoned this blog :D hahaha, happy sangat nampak update korea!


  4. wahhh. i hope to see more pictures. heheheheh

  5. kak farah pergi sorang je ke? travel eh? nti share budget tau...hehe

  6. Adik gi sorang ke ni? Haih, risau pulak akk.


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