Doodles of Life: February 2016

Sunday, February 28, 2016

EXO Planet #2 - The EXO'luXion in New York

EXOluXion in New York

EXO Planet #2 - The EXO'luXion in New York. Or, more like EXO Planet #2 - The EXO'luXion in New Jersey as it was held in New Jersey! Went to this concert on 160221 and had one of the most exhilarating nights of my life! *I want to relive this night over and over again*

Bought the concert ticket wayyyyyyyy before getting my US visa approved. Such a huge gamble I know but I was so determined to see EXO. Seeing them in Vancouver was not an option because Vancouver is too far from Guelph and it is more expensive to travel to Vancouver than New York City. Plus, I have been planning to go to US during the reading week since last year. So, off to New York City I go!

Though, I have to say that I did not plan to go to New York City initially. My original plan was to go to Los Angeles for a week and catch their concert in Los Angeles but too bad, I had so many assignments due on the date that I planned to fly to Los Angeles.

Back to the concert!

Farah H at EXOluXion in New York
We Sing For You

The concert was organized by MyMusicTaste (MMT). I am pretty sure that EXO concerts are their biggest scene to date. They are very very very new in the scene so there were a lot of problems and misinformation happened before and during the concert. Like seriously, I felt like pulling my hair out because they kept changing the rules and stuff. I can write a long post listing my dissatisfaction but I rather not cause I am still thankful that they managed to bring EXO to this side of the world.

The concert was held at the Prudential Center, New Jersey. Very very very near to the Newark Penn Station. I think it only took me 4 minutes to walk from Newark Penn Station to Prudential Center. Went there 3 hours before the concert because I need to pick up my light stick. After I picked up my light stick, I spent the remaining hours watching flashmob and writing postcards. lol!

EXOluXion in New York
View from my seat

I was allowed to go in around 5:30 PM because I was not in GA section. Ya Allah, the lines were such a mess! Everyone kept pushing each other. Ughhhh, tak lari EXO tu! The security check in was tight too. They have this scanner machine like at the airport and they checked every bag. Managed to seludup my GoPro but I did not get to use it because few of the security guards saw my GoPro and gave me a warning! Darn, sedih sangat :(

So, all of my videos and pictures are in low quality because my phones suck big time! Thus, I am going to put the videos and pictures that I screencaptured from HD fancams. Thank you Juliette Nguyen and 7MinMin99 for the HD fancams!

The concert started quite late. Not really sure when it started but pretty sure it was later than 6:30 PM. Man, the hype in the venue was cray cray crazy! Everyone was chanting for EXO! My heart was beating so fast before the concert! Like seriously, I felt like I almost had a heart attack. I told myself to calm down and enjoy the concert like a civilized person would do. But, all those pep talk went down the drain once the concert started.

EXOluXion in New York

I found myself chanting and screaming along with other people! I screamed my lungs out throughout the concert specially for D.O. Oh my abang pendek! I cannot believe that I finally got to see you with my own eyes even though from a distance! Kahkahkah! Cannot believe myself until today >.<

I am not going to talk in detailed about the concert. I am just going to highlight few things and performances that I really like and thankful for from the concert.

But before that, how do people watch the artists during the concert? I mean, I want to see them in flesh so I spent most of the concert time watching their performance directly. But at the same time, I do not want to miss all those small little things so I spent quite some time watching them through the screen too. Nak jawapan please :)

EXO - Peter Pan

Peter Pan! Peter Pan was my jam for few months after it was released. To listen this song live was a bliss. The choreography was very cute too! :D
EXO - Christmas Day

Christmas Day!!! Christmas Day is my guilty pleasure song every December! I love the choreography as they are playing with their suspenders. But during this concert, they did not really play with the suspenders even though they were wearing one. It's okay! And I really love D.O's voice in this song :D

EXO - Don't Go

Don't Go is my all-time favourite song from EXO. This is my kind of song! And I was really hoping that they will sing this song. Thank God they did! And I really really really love the choreography even though it was very simple. The butterflies, the houses. So much love for this song!

EXO - Exodus

Really love the chorus of this song! Listened to this song few times before the concert because I have stopped listening to EXO for a while. And fell in love with this song almost instantaneously. 

EXO - Call Me Baby

I hated this song when it was first released! However, I have no idea how did I get hooked into this song. New York City must have done something to my brain because I only listened to this song properly when I was in New York City.

EXO - Love Me Right

I actually did not realize that EXO has released this song for quite some time until few days before the concert. Told ya, I stopped listening to them for a while. Love Me Right is such a party song! The hype during the concert was no joke! Bergegar lantai stadium tu.

EXO - Unfair

Such a cute cute cute song! D.O. sounded very relaxed in this song. And Suho sounded so cute! Love his adllibs too :D

EXO - First Snow

Have loved this song since it was first released along with the Christmas Day and Miracles in December. Cute! Cute! Cute!

EXO - My Answer

I refrained myself from shouting D.O. or Kyungsoo when they were singing My Answer because it is a slow song. But, yes, D.O.! Pretty sure my answer is you <3

EXO - Sing For You

Such an emotional song. The song sounded so beautiful especially when the fans started to sing along. Or at least that's what I felt at that time. And I swear, Suho sounded like he was going to cry at one point.

I was so happy because I got to listen to the songs above live during the concert. Those are my favourites. I almost cried when I listen to all the slow songs. And I was so busy singing and grooving along to the fast songs. Emotional and hyper as heck!

Post concert, I find that Let Out The Beast, Run, and Machine are not bad too! I guess I love the concert version. Such an adrenaline rush! :D

Talking about the members, all of them are so handsome. I do not care if it is because of their make up or whatnot, but they are really handsome! Especially Suho! I think Suho shines the most in terms of look! And he is very very very nice and gentle! I cannot emphasize enough how angelic Suho is but he is verrrrryyyyyyyyyy nice! He also speaks decent English! He tried to communicate with us in English most of the times. So considerate of him! Please show Suho some love EXO-Ls, because apparently Suho does not have many fans compare to other members.

As for D.O. what else can I say? He is such a babe. Of course I am biased! hahaha! He is so cute and very chibi! His voice is very lovely. He got so many lines too! Wohooooooo! Thank God he did not make many mistakes. However, I do feel that his voice was quite restrained during the concert. I guess he did not get enough rest.

I cannot say much about other members because I did not really pay attention to them cause I was so busy looking at D.O. lol! But, the beagle line (Chen, Baekhyun, and Chanyeol) really act like their usual self. So loud, cheerful, playful and did not really pay attention when someone was talking. haha! Oh, Baekhyun and Chen's voices are lovely too! Baek especially :)

I was most surprised about Xiumin. Xiumin was one of the most hyper members during the concert. He is very cuteeeeee considering his age and was very good with fanservice too. I think he deserves more chance to show his talent.

Not really sure about Sehun too except he is really the baby of the group. As for Kai, he has this mysterious charm surrounding him. He was so charismatic when he was dancing but was a little bit childish when he was talking or interacting with other members.

In case anyone wondering, Sehun and Chanyeol have the most fans in this concert. The screams and chants for both of them were deafening.

EXOluXion in New York
The concept of the picture is sexy cute according to Chanyeol.

I told this to Kak Nur but I am going to post it here. I went to the concert as a strictly D.O fan but I came back from the concert as a D.O fan who has a soft spot for Suho and Kai. Gilalah! Cannot believe myself! I mean I get why I can like Suho too before the concert. He is a very good looking guy! Suara pun sedap. But Kai?! I was not a big fan of him before because in my opinion, he got too much spotlight and attention when EXO first debuted. And I usually hate  member who always overshadow the other members. But after the concert, fuhhh, cair sikit hati akak dekat Kai. Ahaks :p

Anyway, it was a great night! As I said before, I wish to relive the night over and over again! I just wish I had a better seat and better phone cameras to record the concert. Guess who's planning to buy a new iPhone later? harharhar .______.

Hope to see you again, EXO! EXO, saranghaja! :D

p.s: Do click the pictures with song titles underneath if you want to see the fancams.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Sopoong, IOI City Mall

Antara benda wajib setiap kali balik Malaysia ialah pergi makan makanan Korea sebab dekat Canada ni pilihan makanan Korea dia sangat-sangatlah terhad sebab makanannya kebanyakkan tak halal T__T

This time around melencong sikit daripada The Street Cafe, SS15, Subang Jaya sebab nak cuba benda baru. Mula-mula ingat nak pergi Sweetree, Ampang, tapi pasal takde siapa nak bawa, kita pergilah Sopoong dekat IOI City Mall ni.

Sopoong, IOI City Mall

Sopoong, IOI City Mall ni pun terletak dekat hujung dunia juga macam Boat Noodle, IOI City Mall ni. Terletak betul-betul bersebelahan District 21. Kak Nur kata. restoran Sopoong ni family business. So, memang yang uruskan restoran ni orang Korea. Cuma pekerja dia je bukan Korea. hihi. Macam dekat IOI City Mall ni, restoran ni diuruskan oleh seorang ahjumma.

Sopoong IOI City Mall

Interior Sopoong IOI City Mall ni memang lawalah. Cukup cantik bagi saya. Tengok pun tenang je mata memandang. Mengikut keterangan dekat menu dia, maksud Sopoong ni ialah picnic. Rasanya sebab tu interior dia macam ni kot. Ala-ala nature sikit. Ala-ala picnic dalam taman gituuu! Tapi menu dia, tak macam orang nak pergi picnic pun. hiks!

Sopoong, IOI City Mall

So, I went there with my best friend because we both crazy about anything Korean. lol :p Tidaklah. Sebenarnya dah janji nak belanja dia makan sebagai ucapan tahniah dia dah graduated. Ingatkan dia nak order lah benda-benda mahal sebab banyak lagi benda yang macam sedap dekat situ tapi dia cuma order noodle set: Jajangmyeon + Topokki 1/2 tu je. Punyalah baik dapat kawan macam ni.

Bulgogi Dolsot Bibimbap dan Jjajangmyeon dan half Topokki
What went into our stomachs

Jajangmyeon + Topokki 1/2 (MYR 16.90)
I didn't taste her food but she said, jajangmyeon sedap and topokki pedas. Most likely because she cannot really eat spicy food.

Bulgogi Dolsot Bibimbap (MYR 22.90)
Bulgogi Dolsot Bibimbap dekat sini tak manis macam yang dekat The Street Cafe, SS15, Subang Jaya tu. Sedap cuma macam ada benda yang kurang. Tak tahu apa. Dan, bibimbap saya tak panas berasap-asap like the way it supposed to be masa dihidangkan.

Banchan or side dishes, whatever you call it, ni free dan boleh ditambah. Saya tak rasa kimchi dia sebab saya tak suka kimchi. Tapi, yang kobis dengan mayonnaise tu kot, sedap sangat! Saya suka :D

The bill came to MYR 41.75 after 10% discount. One happy tips for people out there, if you are a student or staff of UPM, UKM, or Uniten, you are entitled to 10% discount whenever you come to Sopoong IOI City Mall. So, don't forget to flash your student or staff card to get the 10% discount.

I seriously have no strong opinion about Sopoong. I may or may not come again in the future. And if I come again, I am most probably will try other menu. Cukup sudah dengan Bulgogi Dolsot Bibimbap.

Monday, February 22, 2016


EXO Planet 2 - EXOluXion in New York
Went to my first big K-pop concert and saw EXO for the first time in real life!
Wohoooooooo :D

Thursday, February 18, 2016


I am mentally and especially physically drained right now. Oh New York, what have you done to me?

Times Square, New York
Crazy Times Square, New York


Calling all of my readers (eh, ada ke?), you are invited to send me your name and address to my email. I am thinking about sending postcards to some of you! So, if you love postcards do drop your details. Details should be sent before February 20, 2016 (New York date and time) so that I can post them before I leave for Canada

However, I cannot guarantee if I can send it to everyone. If you did not receive a postcard from me in this leg, insya Allah, you will receive a postcard on the next leg (not sure when it will happen though but Insya Allah soon I hope).

Thank you!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Reading Week 2016

Reading Week Plan

So, #FarahXNYC (#FarahXUSA) is going to happen. Let's hope I can cover as many attractions as I can without burning a hole in my wallet and my bank account. More importantly, let's hope I will do some reading and get some of my assignments done on this reading week!

Cause, who's got two midterms and a paper due right after the reading week?
Yeah, this girl right here T__T

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Long Overdue Appreciation Post; Ray, Sandy, Kak Sal, Hanis, Kak SS, Kak Sally & Kak Ana


This is a long overdue appreciation post for everyone who has showed me some love for the past year. Mohon maaf sangat-sangat dekat mereka-mereka yang berkenaan sebab lambat update ke apa ke pasal benda ni. Tapi, percayalah, I truly appreciate your thoughts, your duaas, your everything :)

So, without further ado, let's see what I have been receiving for the past year.

Postcard from Ray
Postcard from Ray

Received this postcard from Ray last summer when I was in Jasper. Ray left Jasper a month after I arrived at Jasper for the second time. He went to Japan for his family vacation before heading to UK for his working holiday job. And, he thoughtfully sent me this postcard after leaving me alone in Jasper. Okay, gurau-gurau. Ini drama sangat. haha -__-

Postcard from Ray and Sandy
Postcard from Ray and Sandy

This postcard came into my mailbox in Jasper not long after I received the postcard from Ray. Sandy and Ray reunited at the UK and decided to show some love to few of us. By us, I mean few people in Jasper. Totally made my week after what I have been through in Jasper. Aduhai, these two are the sweetest Taiwaneses that I have ever met. So much love for them :)

I think most of you have already known about this fact but I am just going to reiterate it again. I first met Ray and Sandy when I worked in Jasper back in 2014. We spent a solid summer together doing one of the most tiring and demanding works in our lives. haha! That's why we have a special bond.

Gift from kak Sal
 Gifts from kak Sal

This is a set of gifts from kak Sal for guessing (almost) the right price for her down jacket. You can find the related posts here and here. Yang ini memang lucky sangat sebab saya ni memang selalu tak bertuah bab-bab meneka. Tapi, alhamdulillah, ada rezeki. Thank you kak Sal for the fridge magnet from Australia, the pen from Universal Studios Singapore and for the love letter especially! Made my heart skip a beat gituuu! :)

Tudung and fridge magnet from Hanis

Last year, I received an email from Hanis asking for my address. She said she wanted to give me something and not long after that I received a Whatsapp from Mama or kak Nur, saying that there was something for me. And finally, last December, I got to lay my hands on these gifts. Thank you so much, Hanis! Really really really love the tudung sebab bidang dia tak besar sangat dan tak kecil sangat and the material is very very very nice. And thank you for the fridge magnet from Prague for I love collecting fridge magnets :)

Okay, ini soalan serious untuk Hanis. I have always called you Hanis but should I call you kakak like I call kak Aisya, kak Aisya? Or can I keep calling you Hanis? Will I be considered rude if I call you Hanis je?

Fridge magnet from kak SS
 Fridge magnet from kak SS

Honestly, I was so surprised when this thing came into my mailbox.Yes, I remembered that kak SS asked for my address but I did not expect anything. Ya lah, awak ingat senang nak dapat hadiah dari kak SS. Kak SS ada ramai lagi peminat-peminat dan pembaca-pembaca tegar. Kita ni yang datang batuk-batuk sekejap je, menyemak komen sikit-sikit, mana layak dapat benda berharga macam ni. Seriouslah, sampai hari ni terharu sangat-sangat dan tertanya-tanya atas sebab apa saya dapat benda ni. lol. Paling win sebab ada disclaimer Jangan Lipat tu! Thank you kak SS :)

Postcard from kak Sally
Postcard from kak Sally

This postcard surprised me too! I found this slipped under my door when I got back from my winter break. Made my heart so giddy! Kak Sally did not tell me anything about this. That's why I was so so so surprised! Thank you kak Sally for the postcard. Bertambah collection saya. And I am so so so sorry for what happened to another postcard that you sent me last summer. Wish I was in Guelph at that time so that I can collect the postcard from my mailbox. Sampai sekarang rasa bersalah sangat T___T

Gifts from kak Ana
Gifts from kak Ana

Firstly, I'm so sorry kak Ana for the low quality of the photo. It was sent by kak Nur through Whatsapp. Hope that explains the bad quality. haha! 

Hadiah ni datang daripada kak Ana sebab saya salah seorang pengkomen tegar di blog dia. Sesungguhnya saya tak sedar pun saya banyak tinggalkan komen dekat blog kak Ana. Saya sebenarnya sangat-sangat happy dan sangat-sangat terkilan bila dapat hadiah dari kak Ana ni. I know she is sending me something as she told me through email. Tapi, sayang sangat sebab tak dapat terima hadiah ni sendiri. The gifts came into my mailbox right after I have safely arrived in Canada. Tapi, takpe, insya Allah, I will fully utilize your gifts once I am back for good. Thank you kak Ana for the Domino's' coupon, the tasbeeh, and the surah Yaasin :)

Again, thank you so much everyone! I pray that all of you will be blessed by His love here and herafter. Love you all loads :)

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Awak, Awak. Awak Pakai Kamera Apa, Ya?

I've been receiving this kind of question; "Awak pakai kamera apa?" few times that I feel I need to approach this question publicly. Sebenarnya, senang je nak tahu saya pakai kamera apa ke or phone apa ke untuk tangkap gambar sebab saya letak label untuk setiap entri yang bergambar. Tapi, untuk memudahkan orang yang bertanya, saya list kan segala jenis kamera dan phone yang saya guna untuk tangkap gambar selama ni.

Tapi, nak cakaplah, kalau awak ni memang berbakat ambil gambar, phone cikai-cikai dan kamera cikai-cikai pun bak kata orang, gambar tu boleh jadi lawa. Macam saya ni, sendu sikit, so nasib-nasib je dapat gambar yang agak-agak lawa.

Last updated on January 29, 2016.


1. Nikon D90

Credit: Here

This is my main camera. Most of the pictures on this blog were captured by this gigantic camera. Most of the times, I use auto mode je. Kalau rajin sikit or datang angin acah-acah nak artistic sikit, saya pakai manual mode.

2. Nikon Coolpix P600

Credit: Here

Yang ni, bila ada, pakailah. Saya sendiri pernah pakai masa Eric Nam Showcase In Toronto je. Kalau awak pernah baca posts tu, semua gambar dalam posts tu semua diambil menggunakan kamera ni. Sekarang ni, kamera ni selamat berada di Malaysia. Masa pergi Langkawi hari tu pun banyak juga gambar dari kamera ini.

3. Nikon Coolpix AW100

Credit: Here

Yang ni pun saya pakai sekejap je. Saya pakai masa pergi Singapore dan LUNAFLY Showcase In Singapore. Saya beli camera ni dulu sebab camera ni waterproof (masa tu tak ada keinginan nak ada GoPro), shockproof dan boleh record full HD videos. Videos dia memang cantiklah. Kamera ni pun sekarang ada dekat Malaysia. Dah selamat menyelam dengan adik dan kakak saya agaknya. lol.

4. Nikon D3200

Credit: Here

Yang ni, kamera YH. Kot-kot kalau dalam gambar-gambar yang saya letak kat sini tu ada gambar saya, selalunya gambar tu datang dari kamera ni lah. Selalunya kalau kitaorang keluar sama-sama, saya selalu tak guna kamera saya. Buat apa nak guna kamera sendiri bila dah ada orang lain yang pro kan. Tapi, ada juga gambar saya datang dari kamera Nikon D90 tu sendiri. hehe .


1. Kit lens (AF-S DX Nikkor 18-105mm f3.5-5.6G ED VR)

Credit: Here

All this while, memang saya guna lens ni dengan Nikon D90 saya sebab dia kit lens. Tak mampu nak beli lens lain. Banyak jasa lens ni dekat saya. Lens ni bagi saya kira okaylah. It will make do. Cantik je gambar. Yang tak best, susah sikit nak ambil gambar bila low light. Kena pakai tripod.

2. AF-S DX Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G

Credit: Here

Yang ni, my current favourite. Sebenarnya nak beli yang f/1.4, tapi yang f/1.4 tu mahal sangat-sangat, nak tercekik bila tengok harga, saya settled dengan lens ni je. Most of the times, saya pakai bila nak bokeh effect or masa low light. Takpun, saya pakai masa saya nak tukar lens saya. Haha. Banyak je gambar dekat blog ni diambil menggunakan lens ni. Kalau orang lain guna lens ni untuk portrait, tapi, saya tak sebab saya tak suka ambil gambar orang.

3. AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G

Credit: Here

Yang ni, adik-beradik lens dekat atas tu. Alkisahnya saya tersalah beli. Saya ingatkan lens ni lens 50mm. In a way, memang nilah lens 50mm, tapi untuk full frame camera. Macam saya yang pakai cropped frame camera macam D90 tu, lens ni jadi 75mm. Pernah pakai masa pergi Banff sahaja. Nanti bila saya update Banff Trip 2.0, tengoklah macam mana hasilnya. Sekarang ni lens ni dok berabuk dalam kotak je. haha!


1. Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

Credit: Here

Kalau saya tak bawa Nikon D90 saya masa saya keluar, saya selalu tangkap gambar pakai phone saya yang ini sahaja. Most of the times, kalau gambar saya dekat sekolah macam gambar Johnston Halls or gambar snow ke, memang saya tangkap pakai phone ni je. Not bad lah. Kamera belakang 8 mp, kamera depan 5 mp. Dulu beli phone ni sebab konon-konon senang nak letak sim card Malaysia dan Canada. Lepas tu, senang nak selfie katanya. Last-last, jarang guna kamera depan tu. La ni, phone saya ni meragam buat hal. Stress -____-

2. HTC One S

Credit: Here

Sebelum pakai Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, saya pakai HTC One S ni. HTC One S ni kira smartphone pertama saya. Dulu-dulu masa baru datang sini. hampir kesemua gambar dekat Canada ni ditangkap menggunakan HTC One S. Saya rasa kamera dia agak cantik. Warna dia naik. Tapi, kamera belakang jelah. Kamera depan hampeh. Kamera belakang dia 8 mp, kamera depan dia 1.3 mp. lol. Sekarang ni tak guna sangat dah sebab warna gambar dia macam dah rosak sikit. Macam oversaturated je.

3. Samsung Galaxy S5

Credit: Here

Ni kalau balik Malaysia, baru dapat guna. Sebab ni phone Ayah saya. Kot ada gambar saya ke or gambar selfie, memang kebanyakkannya datang dari phone ini. Gambar dekat Langkawi pun banyak juga datang daripada phone ni.

4. Sony Xperia Z

Credit: Here

Ini phone kak Nur. Selalunya gambar dari phone kak Nur ni datang kalau dia Whatsapp saya benda-benda yang sampai untuk saya dekat Malaysia sana tu. Tak pun, gambar anak kucing. hehe.

5. Samsung Galaxy S4

Credit: Here

Ada kemungkinan besar gambar-gambar dekat Malaysia dan Canada ni diambil menggunakan phone ni sebab Along dan YH dua-dua pakai phone ni. Kalau gambar makan-makan or keluar lepak-lepak dekat Guelph ni memang banyak diambil menggunakan phone ni.

Bonus - Software/app untuk edit gambar!


Adik and Kak Nur brought this thing up when I was in Malaysia last December. Diaorang ingat selama ni gambar yang saya letak kat blog ni, unedited. Masya Allah, semestinyalah tidak! Rasa macam penipu bila diaorang kata macam tu.

All the pictures on this blog have been edited using VSCO app. Harap maklum! VSCO app is my favourite picture editing app. Banyak sangat filters yang cantik! Kalau awak pandai guna, memang gambar yang cantik akan menjadi lebih-lebih cantik! Most of the times, I use it to enhance the colour. Or to change the mood of the picture. Sebab kadang-kadang tersalah setting camera kan. 

Selain dari VSCO app, saya guna Photoscape juga. Kadang nak betulkan white balance la, apa la, saya akan gunakan Photoscape. Tapi la ni, asyik guna VSCO je, memang dah jarang guna Photoscape ni. Sebelum VSCO wujud dekat muka bumi ni, saya memang guna Photoscape untuk edit gambar. Sangat-sangat senang untuk digunakan. Hasil pun boleh tahan kalau pandai guna.

That's it. Hope this comprehensive list will answer all questions that some of you had in your mind before :)

Saya selalu pakai Nikon D90 dan Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime untuk ambil gambar.
Untuk edit gambar, saya selalu pakai VSCO.


Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Bila Adik Awak Manis Sangat

Adik went parasailing
Yes Adik! I wish the same too! ^_^

Woke up to this photo tagged by Adik yesterday morning. Haih haih haih. Kenapalah manis sangat? Macam manalah hati tak sayang~
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