Doodles of Life: April 2015

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mount Edith Cavell

Mount Edith Cavell
Mount Edith Cavell.
Its peak was clouded by clouds.

Mount Edith Cavell is one of very few reasons why I decided to come back to Jasper this summer. I can smile instantly whenever I see Mount Edith Cavell. I am so happy to spend the next 4 months with the view of Mount Edith Cavell, insya Allah :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Happiness is reading an awesome book by the beautiful Lac Beauvert :)

Reading an awesome book by the beautiful Lac Beauvert

In other news, I just finished my first day of work. It was a whole new experience for me. It was way easier than my job before (at least for now) but it was also more monotonous. I hope I can do my job very well and I hope I do not break any machines in my department. Can't afford to be humiliated like that :p

Note to myself: I feel so accomplished right now as I basically handled thousands of different kind of towels (bath towels, hand towels, face clothes, bathmats) and napkins today. And it was not even busy yet. Can't wait to see how crazy it will be when the hotel is busy.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

That One Time I Was Identified As Mrs.

That one time I was identified as Mrs.

Boarding Pass

Gelak guling-guling la. Tak tahulah gelak sebab kelakar ke sebab sedih ke. Single tapi sudah bergelar Mrs. Macam mana tu? Mrs pun boleh, WestJet. Pun boleh. Thanks for starting my long day with a good laugh.

Rocky Mountains at the Jasper National Park

In other news, I have safely arrived in Jasper. It feels so strange to be back to this beautiful place without my girlfriends and the people that I used to know. Everything has changed. Literally and figuratively. Hope Allah will let Jasper to treat me well :)

Cheers to the amazing upcoming summer, insya Allah.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

That One Time I Met A Canadian Guy Who Can Speak Bahasa Indonesia

I have been freaking out about subway lately and somehow, my memory of meeting a Canadian guy who can speak Bahasa Indonesia rushed in. I met this guy at a subway station, in case you're wondering about the relation of subway and a Canadian guy who can speak Bahasa Indonesia.

Masa winter break first year, saya tumpang rumah seniors saya dekat Toronto selama 3 minggu. Merempat sekejap dekat tempat orang sebab time winter break tak boleh duduk dekat residence. Banyak benda baru yang saya belajar dekat Toronto masa tu. Banyak benda dekat Toronto yang buat saya excited masa tu.

Salah satunya, subway.

Saya tak ingat sangat masa tu saya nak pergi mana, tapi saya naik subway. Saya yakin dengan diri saya untuk naik subway masa tu sebab saya google semua benda. Saya tahu saya kena ambil transfer ticket, kat stesen mana saya nak naik, dekat mana saya nak turun, dan dekat mana saya kena tukar line.

Tapi, itulah, kita merancang. Allah yang menentukan. Waktu saya turun nak tukar line, saya confused ke mana saya patut pergi. Saya tak nampak pun line seterusnya yang saya kena ambil. And I think this Canadian guy noticed my confused look. He approached me and offered his help.

"Excuse me, miss. May I help you? You seem to be lost?"

"Oh, it's okay. I'm not lost. I'm just confused. I need to go to this line as I want to go to X station, but I don't know where should I go to catch this line."

He pointed out the way and gave me detailed instruction.

"Well, I think that might be a lot for you to process. I can walk with you."

"No, it's okay! You look like you're rushing. I think I understand your direction. I can ask other people if I lost or unsure."

"It's okay. I have few minutes to spare."

Maka, berjalanlah kami ke line yang saya nak tu. Borak-borak sikit. Masa tu, dia tanya saya dari mana. Saya jawablah dari Malaysia.

"Oh, you're from Malaysia. Maaf, saya nggak bisa berbahasa Malaysia. Saya hanya bisa berbahasa Indonesia."

"Wow! You sound like an Indonesian." (Jaw dropped okay!)

Dia cakap Maaf, saya nggak bisa berbahasa Malaysia. Saya hanya bisa berbahasa Indonesia. without mat salleh accent! And he did not sound funny at all! Memang macam orang Indonesia bercakap. Apparently, he used to live Indonesia for few years. So, dia agak fasih. Tapi, dia cakap bahasa dia dah berkarat sikit sebab dia dah lama tak practice. And of course after that, dia keluarkan segala perkataan yang dia tahu.

Samapi dekat line yang saya kena ambil tu, we bid good bye.

"It was nice meeting you! I feel so happy as I get to speak Bahasa Indonesia today. Enjoy Toronto and Canada. Hope Canada will treat you well."

"It was nice meeting you too. Sorry for taking your time. Thanks so much for your help. Have a good day."

Then, he ran, super rushed to catch his subway. And of course, saya rasa bersalah sebab ambil masa dia. However, I am glad that I met him. Daripada dia, saya belajar yang ada je strangers yang baik hati, yang selfless, yang ikhlas nak bantu kita kalau kita dalam kesusahan. Dan, saya juga belajar supaya berhati-hati kalau nak guna BM dengan kawan-kawan saya yang lain. Malaysians yang saya kenal ada tendency to use BM when they (we) want to talk about someone. Ada je orang dekat luar sana yang mungkin faham apa yang kita cakapkan.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Mandarin Restaurant, Guelph

Alhamdulillah, I've successfully finished my third year of university. Subhanallah, how time flies eh. So, my friends and I went to Mandarin Restaurant, Guelph to celebrate our success of finishing our third year (kidding). We went there for our last lepak-lepak session before everyone heading their ways for the summer.

I have to say that I was not totally excited to go to Mandarin Restaurant at first sebab tak rasa nak makan makanan Chinese. And it's super far from my house. Mandarin Restaurant is located at the north end of Guelph while I live at the south end of Guelph. But since everyone wanted to go to Mandarin Restaurant, pergi jelah ya.

Mandarin Restaurant, Guelph
Mandarin Restaurant, Guelph.

I blindly followed my friends to Mandarin Restaurant without having any expectation of the food, and knowledge about the price, the interior, yadda yadda. I was quite shocked to see that Mandarin Restaurant is pretty big. They have the whole building for themselves. Tapi, dalam hati tercakap, "Apahal buruk sangat weh bangunan kau ni?"

But, I was shocked once again when I saw the interior. Oh boy, I have to remind myself over and over again to not judge a book by its cover. I think Mandarin Restaurant has such a nice and cozy interior despite the bland look of the building. Memang rasa macam pergi Chinese restaurant yang dalam movies tu.

Mandarin Restaurant - Interior
I was greeted with this view once I stepped into the restaurant.

Mandarin Resturant is an all you can eat buffet restaurant. So, you know, you basically can eat everything for a flat price. Unless you ordered special drinks. Then, you have to pay additional amount for your drinks. By the way, air kosong dekat mana-mana resturants dekat Canada ni free je. Minum air kosong jelah ya kalau datang Canada ni. The best thing about Mandarin Restaurant is there is no time limit (I assumed so). Ya Allah, best sangat! Selalunya kalau pergi all you can restaurant, lagi-lagi sushi, mesti ada time limit selama 1 jam setengah.

Mandarin Restaurant - Buffet arena
 The buffet arena

Another best thing about Mandarin Restaurant is, they have such a wide variety of food. Like, really wide! They have hot entrees, salad bar, soup & bread, grill, sushi, pizza, dessert, fruit, cotton candy, ice cream sundae and frozen yogurt bar. Tak tahu nak makan yang mana satu. Sekejap rasa nak makan yang tu. Sekejap rasa nak makan yang ni. Semua benda pun nak makan. Tapi, perut ada satu je. hehehe.

The service was exceptionally good too! It was really good to the point you'll feel guilty if you were not tipping your servers. Haha! The servers will introduce himself or herself to you. Then, he or she will gave hot/warm towel to you. Macam yang flight attendants selalu bagi dalam flight. That was like another level of good service. Lepas tu, dia akan tanya, ada sesiapa punya birthday tak hari ni? If someone is celebrating his or her birthday, the servers will sing Happy Birthday, and give a cupcake with a candle on it. Too cute! They also will take pictures of you. Kalau bukan birthday pun tapi nak merasa benda ni, boleh je tipu (my server told me that).

Posted below are some of many food that they offer. I did not manage to take picture of all the food. This picture may only show 70% of the food. Nanti servers dia pandang pelik pula kalau saya sibuk ambil gambar je.

Mandarin Restaurant - All You Can Eat Buffet
 Collection of food #1

Mandarin Restaurant - All You Can Eat Buffet
Collection of food #2

Mandarin Restaurant - All You Can Eat Buffet
Collection of food #3

So, what went into my stomach?

Masya Allah, memang masa pergi ni, nafsu yang kawal. I'm not really proud of myself for eating all these things. But I guess I try to get the value of my money. Mula-mula makan nasi dengan udang tak ingat nama apa 5 dan stir fried vegetables. Lepas tu ambil egg sushi 3, shrimp sushi 1, crab sushi 1. Lepas tu, pergi ambil udang tak ingat nama apa 7, egg sushi 5. Then, ambil honey dew 3, cheesecake 2. Lastly, ambil 3 scoops of strawberry ice-cream.

Yes, I eat a lot when I go to all you can eat restaurants. I know. I know. A lady should not eat like that :p

The bill came down to almost CAD 23 (tax included, tip excluded). The actual price is CAD 19.99. They have different prices for lunch, dinner, weekends, kids, and senior citizens. Note to myself, it's cheaper to go for lunch on weekdays.

The final verdict is I am totally happy with my first visit to Mandarin Restaurant. The food were abundant, the ambiance was nice, the servers were good and the price was affordable. Guess who just got a new happy customer? I'm planning to go to Mandarin Restaurant again in September, insya Allah.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Apa Reaksi Awak Bila Orang Cakap Pasal Seks and Seksualiti?

I wrote this post awhile ago but never had a courage to publish it. Well, the topic is kind of controversial (at least for me). However, I still think the finding of the discussion is educational. You can clearly see the differences of different cultures and different religions.

I took Sociology class in my second year. By far, Sociology is my favourite class in my university years. All thanks to the interesting chapters (I love reading about people and life) and my awesome professor! :)

One of the chapters in my Sociology class is Sexuality and Society. Basically, we learned how to approach sexuality topic from sociological perspective. I swear to God everyone in my class was so excited to learn about this topic (like seriously, I can see big grins in everyone's faces). My professor lagilah pumped up sebab dia consultant untuk program related to sex for high school students.


Okay jelah nak belajar chapter ni. Rasa macam belajar chapters lain juga. Tapi, sebenarnya memang excited jugalah nak belajar sebab saya nak tahu opinion Canadians and orang yang ada socioloy background pasal LGBTIQ. LGBTIQ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trangender, Intersex, Questioning/Queer.

To sum the chapter up, my professor decided to make us answer a questionnaire. We had to answer Yes/No on a scrap paper. Lepas tu, paper tu direnyukkan dan dicampakkan ke hadapan, tempat professor saya berdiri. Lepas tu, dia bagi balik paper tu randomly. All these actions were necessary to ensure the anonymity. Sex ni kan taboo dan tak semua orang selesa bincang pasal benda ni. Termasuklah mat salleh, okay?
  1. Have you ever had sex?
  2. Have you ever had sex in public places?
  3. Have you ever had sex when you were high or intoxicated?
  4. Have you ever had sex and get paid?
  5. Have you ever had sex with your bosses or teachers?
  6. Have you ever had sex more than once in 24 hours?
  7. Do you consider oral sex as sex?
  8. Have you ever had oral sex?
  9. Have you ever had an orgasm?
  10. Have you ever had orgasm more than once when you were having sex?
  11. Have you ever imagined having sex with people who have same sex with you?
  12. Have you ever had sex with people who have same sex with you?
  13. Do you think masturbation is okay?
  14. Do you think prostitution should be fully legalized in Canada?
  15. Do you think extramarital sex is ever acceptable?
  16. Do you think sex is funny?
  17. Have you ever wondered about your thoughts regarding sex is normal?
  18. Do you think it is okay for 15 years old student to engage in sexual activities?
My thoughts of having to answer all these questions

Masya Allah, rasa extreme sangat kena jawab soalan-soalan macam ni. Dahlah ada benda yang saya tak pernah dengar dan tak pernah tahu pun wujud. I had to google few words yang memang saya tak pernah dengar. What a challenging questionnaire. Dekat Malaysia mana ada orang tanya soalan-soalan macam ni.

Listed below are some verdicts of the questionnaire. 

Overall, semua soalan ada orang jawab "Yes".

Almost 3/4 of my classmates are not virgin anymore (and they are proud of it?)

1/2 of the class cakap oral sex tu bukan sex. Lepas tu, professor saya tanya, "So, what is it? What is oral sex? A lunch? A dinner?". Satu kelas ketawa.

Hanya 2 orang sahaja yang cakap masturbation is not okay. Saya rasa saya dengan seorang sister je yang jawab no sebab kami berdua je Muslim dalam kelas tu.

My class is quite conservative because almost everyone said, prostitution should not be fully legalized, and extramarital sex is not acceptable.

Almost everyone said that sex is funny.

At least 2 or 3 people in my class are LGBTIQ.

15 is NEVER an okay age to engage in sexual activity.

My internal thoughts about the verdicts.
  • So, it's okay for them to engage in sexual activity as frequent as they want when they are not married. 
  • Tapi, kalau dah kahwin, tak boleh ada affairs.
  • You can have a sex with whoever that you want as long as that person is not a prostitute (?)
  • I guess we have different definition of conservative.
  • So, the story about people sleeping with their teachers or bosses to get higher grades or promotion is not a myth.
  • So, ada je orang buat seks dan dibayar tapi diaorang tak consider diri diaorang tu pelacur. Habis tu, apa ya term diaorang pakai? Call girl? Escort? Gigolo? Mistress? Anak ikan?

Habis je discussion ni, saya terus terfikir macam manalah agaknya kalau perbincangan macam ni dibuat dekat Malaysia. Mesti sedih kalau jawapannya lebih kurang je (kalau Muslim yang belum berkahwin yang jawablah).

Sedikit pesanan daripada saya untuk adik-adik, kawan-kawan, dan kakak-kakak di luar sana. Tolong jaga hati, jaga iman, jaga nafsu. Jangan mudah tergelincir dengan hasutan syaitan. Zina tu dosa besar. Moga Allah kuatkan diri kita semua, insya Allah :)

Dan untuk adik-adik, even mat salleh pun cakap 15 is NEVER an okay engage to engage in sexual activity. Well, apa-apa umur pun is never an okay age to engage in sexual activity kalau awak tiada pasangan yang halal. Jadikan agama Islam tu pegangan hidup :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Beautiful Eyes

I wonder if people with beautiful eyes realize that they have such beautiful eyes when they look in the mirror. Do they have a moment like "Wow, I never realized before but I have beautiful eyes!"? Like really, does that realization ever come to them? Or, they just take the fact that they have beautiful eyes for granted?

Can somebody with beautiful eyes answer this question for me? I freaking need to know the answer. The question keeps popping up every time I see people with beautiful eyes and it drives me crazy.

This post is written after I saw someone with beautiful eyes at SAS exam center. And it reminds me to one time that I made eye contact with a blue-eyed guy. I was really amazed with his eyes (fyi, blue is my favourite colour) and I think I blushed when I answered his question. Haha. I even tweeted,
Orang depan ni punya mata, sama warna dengan tudung dan jam aku!

Blue for the win! :D
In case you're wondering how blue that guy's eyes are :)

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Things That Helped Improve My English (After SPM Version)

Fret not! I'm not going to write this post in full English. I know it's kinda weird to write about English subject in other languages, but I am kinda miss to write in rojak language. Hope all of you can bear with me. By the way, all things listed below are based on my own experience after my SPM. Nanti bila-bila, saya share pula cara yang lebih practical untuk improve English, okay?

Things That Helped Improve My English (After SPM Version)

#1: Running Man
Kang Ha Neul in Running Man
 I just have to put this screen cap of Kang Ha Neul.
Kang Ha Neul is one of the guests for Running Man episode 240.

Ha, siapalah yang sangka Running Man ni boleh improve English seseorang. But Running Man really did wonders for me. I used to spend 3 hours just to watch one episode of Running Man. That's twice longer than the actual episode. Semuanya sebab tak biasa baca English subtitles. I had to pause a lot along the way bila nampak perkataan yang saya tak faham ataupun nak menghadamkan makna ayat tu. Setiap kali tengok Running Man, mesti ada kamus dekat sebelah. Bila fikir balik, macam kelakar pula. But really, I picked up a lot of new vocab from Running Man. This is when the subbing team is iSubs. The English is almost perfect.

#2: Reader's Digest

I personally think if you want to be super smart in English, you have to read Reader's Digest. I read Reader's Digest at the public library because I can't afford to subscribe it. Too expensive for my family. First time baca Reader's Digest ni, rasa macam "Masya Allah, banyaknya perkataan yang aku tak tahu. Banyaknya benda yang aku tak faham. Rasa bodoh sangat ni". That comes from a person who claimed she loves English! I took a week just to finish one edition. Lama sebab nak memahamkan benda-benda yang disampaikan dalam Reader's Digest tu sangat mencabar. Daripada Reader's Digest ni, saya belajar banyak vocab baru dan different kind of sentences in English.

#3: K-pop and K-Variety Shows

Fell in love with Siwon's smile in this music video *swoon*
Super Junior - No Other

Yes, yes, you can laugh at my face now but I guess in a way, I owed a thank you to K-pop and K-Variety Shows. Saya ni terjebak dengan K-pop dan K-Variety Shows lepas SPM. I was obsessed with Super Junior back then. Super Junior pula banyak variety shows. Semua variety shows subtitles dia English. So, I had to put a lot of effort to read and understand the subtitles of the veriety shows sebab konon-konon nak tengok segalanya Super Junior. Songs translations pun semua dalam English. Memang gigihlah.

#4: Harry Potter books

Raise your hands up if you're one of the Potterheads! So, I tried to read all the Harry Potter books after SPM. Sebab orang kata kalau nak improve English, kenalah baca English material. Betul tak? And man, it was so hard for me to finish them. I spent two weeks or more to finish one book. I guess that was because my kiasu kicked in kot. Tiap kali nampak je perkataan yang tak faham, sibuk nak cari dekat kamus. I also tried to read aloud to test my pronunciation and to make sense of everything that I read. I think that was one of the best decisions that I ever made. I realized that I cannot pronounce many words correctly (although it sounded right in my head). Oh, and I made a note that I don't like the sound of my voice. hehehehe

#5: Taylor Swift songs

I'm not a Swiftie but man, I love Taylor Swift songs. Lepas SPM sebelum terjebak dengan K-pop, saya memang layan Taylor Swift. Teardrops On My Guitar used to be my jam. I used to remember the lyrics. Mine reminds me of someone. Oh gosh! I kinda have love-hate relationship with this song. hahahahaha! Back to the topic. Taylor Swift songs trained my listening. Saya ni sebenarnya pemalas sikit nak dengar betul-betul lyrics lagu-lagu ni. Memang selalu tak ambil perhatian dekat lyrics. Saya selalu dengar music je. Tapi, daripada lagu Taylor Swift ni saya cuba latih diri untuk mendengar pronunciation of words and the meaning of songs. I was actually surprised with myself that I can understand what she's singing. *refer to malas point tu balik*

Taylor Swift - Blank Space
"Got along with Starbucks lovers" or "All the lonely Starbucks lovers"

This happened this year.

*Refer balik to the malas point* I have listened to Blank Space banyak kali tapi satu hari tu, baru perasan. "Eh, apakah Taylor Swift? Why is she talking about Starbucks lover?". As soon as I reached home, I google-ed the lyrics of Blank Space. It's actually "Got a long list of ex-lovers" not "Got along with Starbucks lovers" or "All the lonely Starbucks lovers". Had a good laugh at myself sebab bukan je pemalas nak dengar (50 kali or more, dengar baru perasan), salah dengar lagi. Ish ish ish.

So, those are the 5 things that helped improve my English after my SPM. Haruslah diingatkan yang ni very specific for after my SPM. Saya ada buat cara lain lagi. Insya Allah, bila-bila nanti saya share cara lain. Mungkin juga akan share cara yang lebih general pula lepas ni.

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Snail White Cream by Namu Life

I'm going to make a quick review about Snail White Cream by Namu Life. Being a person who is easily influenced by repetitive advertisements and good reviews, I once again lost to my nafs. Well, maybe I was not totally lost to my nafs. I was looking for another moisturizer cream because my then-moisturizer cream was not working. So, I bought Snail White Cream by Namu Life.

Ha Neul and Snail White Cream by Namu Life
Ha Neul and Snail White Cream by Namu Life

It says in the website that Snail White is good for those who have dry skin and want to exfoliate the damaged skin. Alhamdulillah, it did what it was supposed to do. My skin is not dry anymore. While I am not sure about other effects that ones supposed to get after using this cream like it will give you younger and healthier skin and your wrinkles will be reduced, I can assure you that it did its job as moisturizing cream. 

I've been using Snail White Cream by Namu Life for a year now. And I would love to keep using it but due to its high price (it's pricey for a student like me!) and the difficulty to buy authentic products through the internet, I've decided to bid good bye to Snail White Cream by Namu Life for now. I'm switching to another cheaper option and I hope I'll not regret it. 

Anyway, if you have extra bucks to spend on a good cream, I totally recommend Snail White Cream by Namu Life. Insya Allah, it will do what it is supposed to do.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Superstar Volunteer!

This post might sound like I am bragging or whatnot, but trust me, I have no intention to brag about any of these. This post actually acts as a pick me up for me who have been struggling with self-esteem issue for the past four years.

Situation #1: I went to see Sam to get her signature for my form.

"So, you're Farah! It's nice to finally meet you."

"I assume you're Sam, the guiding coordinator."

"Yes, I'm Sam. I'm ecstatic to see you. You are our superstar volunteer! You've been such a great help for this semester."

"No, I'm not a superstar volunteer. I just had too much time on my hands."

"No! No! You're our superstar volunteer. I jumped every time I saw your name in my email. You've been covering way too many guides this semester. You really made our jobs easier. Thank you so much!"

"Well, I have nothing to do. That's why I covered the guides."

"Thanks again! I hope you'll keep volunteering with us."

Situation #2: I went to SAS Volunteer Appreciation Event

"Excuse me. Is this SAS Volunteer Appreciation event?"

"Yes, yes. Welcome to SAS Volunteer Appreciation event. I'm Jacqueline and you are?"

"I'm Farah."

"Oh wow! So you're Farah. Oh my gosh! You are our superstar volunteer!"

"Okay, this is awkward but you're the second person, after Sam, to call me superstar volunteer. I am not a superstar volunteer."

"You're our superstar volunteer! You've been covering a lot of guides this semester. You're always or usually the first person to reply our email. You made everything a breeze. We don't have to worry about uncovered guides because we know we have you."

"I only have classes on Tuesday and Thursday. That's why I can cover all those guides."

"Then, thank you so much for covering the guides and coming to school on the days that you don't have to come."

"It's my pleasure. No worries."

"Are you still going to volunteer with us next semester? I hope you are because we need more volunteers like you."

"I'm still going to volunteer with SAS next semester but I don't think that I'll be so active next semester. We'll see."

"It's okay. As long as we still have you in our mailing list, it should be okay."

"Haha. Hope so!"

I am not going to lie. After all these years questioning my self-worth, I felt a little bit better about myself. It really felt good to know that my small act, something that I enjoy doing, something that I do due to pure intrinsic motivation, was recognized by all these kind souls.

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Love from Malaysia

This is a quick update before my first day of finals.

I would like to say thank you to Kak Sally yang comel lagi baik hati for the things that she sent to me. Checked my mailbox on April 2nd, and found a letter from Malaysia, addressed to me. I was secretly hoping that the letter came from my family, but oh well. The moment that I saw Farah H on the envelope instead of Farah (insert my full name), I knew that it didn't come from my family.

Love from Malaysia
Ha Neul was a happy giraffe when he saw all these things :)

Nevertheless, I am still happy with the letter! Any letters except bills are welcomed. haha. Anyway, thank you again, kak Sally! I truly appreciate the bookmarks, business card, and postcard. They made my day :)

I know most of you know Kak Sally, but for those who don't, do check out her blog:

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Of Daniel Henney and Austria

Daniel Henney is my first Korean actor crush and Austria is one of the places that I wanna go before I die.

Daniel Henney's fans just uploaded the picture below on the Instagram. Gosh, he looks so young and handsome in the picture and Austria looks beautiful like ever. hahaha! *can you sense my inner fangirl talking?*

His picture reminded me again the reason why I want to go to Austria one fine day. I fell in love instantly with Austria especially Hattstat after watching Spring Waltz. Hattstat looks like a magical place especially when it is covered with snow (as portrayed in the drama and the picture below).

Daniel Henney
Playing "Phillip" in SPRING WALTZ. Hattstat, Austria 2006. Every pic was like a postcard. #TBT #springwaltz

Told one of my friends that I really really really want to go to Austria before I die.

"I feel like going to Austria someday."

"Jom! Jom! I want to go to Austria too. I want to indulge myself with classical music. It's going to be a heaven for me. Do you know that Mozart was born in Austria?"

"Errr, no. I don't even remember his famous pieces."

"Then, why do you want to go to Austria? I'm pretty sure you are not a big fan of classical music."

"Duhhh, you don't have to love classical music to go to Austria."

"Touche. But really, why you want to go to Austria?"

"Well, I watched this one Korean drama before. It was shot in Austria. Austria looks so beautiful that I feel like crying. I want to see it with my own eyes."

"So, you want to go to Austria because of a Korean drama?"

"Yes! I know it's weird but whatever."

krik krik krik

I find it is interesting that after 8 years (since I first watched the drama), I still have the same and strong feeling about Austria especially Hattstat. Hope I can go to Austria in the near future.

Update: The Instagram account mentioned in this entry is made by fan(s). Daniel Henney just opened his own Instagram account.
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