Doodles of Life: March 2015

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Highlights from College Royal 2015

College Royal is basically an open house events for my university. I usually write a very long post with loads of pictures but I guess I will not do the same for this year.

I honestly did not enjoy this year College Royal that much. Maybe because I did not go to Square Dance competition (one of the main events which happens to be my favourite!). Maybe because of the bipolar weather (Rained in the morning, snowed in the afternoon, sunny for the rest of the day). Maybe because I was too swamped with my assignment (My memorandum of law assignment was due on the same weekend of College Royal). Or maybe because I had to go for my meal guides. Whatever it was, I did not have a great time like I did in past years.

I do not want to be a grumpy ass, so I am going to put few highlights (which will be filled with more positive things than negative things, insya Allah) from College Royal 2015.

I went to Chem Magic Show again. They had a same show like last year. There was an embarrassing moment when one of the tricks failed. The chemical was supposed to glow in the dark but it did not.

Michael the juggler
Handsome Mr. T

I went to the Cat Show. I am glad that I went to the Cat Show because I got to pet the cats. I FREAKING GOT TO PET THE CATS AFTER ALL THESE CAT-LESS YEARS! For your information, I am a cat lady. Mr. T was my favourite because he was so handsome and fluffy. There was a very fat cat named Toby. Oh my, I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw him. He was so big and lazy. He weighed around 10 kilograms and currently on diet.

For the first time (I believe so) Wildlife Club had real snakes where you can touch them. They also had a big spider which looks like a tarantula where again, you can touch it. And I being a chicken, of course I did not touch any of those. I also was informed with the death of the turkey that I saw last year. I was truly saddened by the news :(

Marine and Freshwater Biology Club also had few sea creatures where you can touch them. I do not remember all the names. I have successfully touched a starfish, a sea anemone, and few other unknown sea creatures.

I went to Autism Dog Services with a hope that I can see cute puppies. Too bad, there was no puppy. They only have grown-up dogs. But that was okay because those grown-up dogs were cute too!

Michael the juggler.

And the cream of the crop, the highlight of my dull College Royal was a juggling show by The Jugglers Club. It was entertaining, interactive and fun. My jaws kept dropping when I was watching the show. They did things that I consider impossible for myself to do. I mean, I struggled to juggle 2 balls, but Michael managed to juggle 7 balls. Of course he has a lot of experience, but man, he was so impressive! The rest of the team were impressive too :)

So, that's how I spent my time at College Royal 2015. I hope I'll be more excited and happy next year. Kudos to all the students involved in organizing College Royal 2015. They did an excellent job.

Thursday, March 26, 2015


Have you ever heard about Coke Hug Machine?

Coke Hug Machine

"The Coca-Cola Machine. You hug it, it returns the favour with a Coke. Because vending machines have feelings too. #hugmecoke"

I'm not a big fan of pop especially Coca-Cola but I love the idea of Coke Hug Machine. From the standpoint of a business student, I think Coke Hug Machine is a brilliant marketing strategy. You get to promote your brand while making your customers and potential customers happy. 

Well, Coke Hug Machine was in my school today. Me along with hundreds fellow students, including my friends did not want to miss our chance to hug this Coke Hug Machine. After all, it was only for today. So, we went to Creelman Hall right after our last class. We had fun and great time hugging this Coke Hug Machine.


p/s: I personally think the hashtag should be #hugmydiabetes instead of #hugmecoke.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy International Day of Happiness

Happy International Day of Happiness
"The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things"
-Henry Ward Beecher-

8 things that made me happy on this year's international day of happiness.
  • Knowing that my parents are still alive and healthy, alhamdulillah.
  • The fact that I still have a chance to breathe today.
  • Received a Whatsapp message from my best friend this morning.
  • Got an unbelievably good grade for one of my assignments (I wrote about Malaysia, wohoooo!)
  • Ate half-bucket of strawberry ice-cream.
  • Saw a cute guide dog and stared at it for almost 30 minutes (cuteness overload!)
  • Got to wear my shades to school.
  • Sunshine and blue sky.

I know I've shared this song before but I've to share it again. It is my happiness soundtrack. Happy International Day of Happiness :)


Monday, March 16, 2015

The Wild | Opening Night

The Wild

Went to Toronto on March 5, 2015 to support my housemate and my teacher. Rasa happy sangat-sangat that I decided to go to the opening night despite having 3 classes back-to-back earlier that day. Saya ni bukan jenis orang yang suka-suka nak keluar ke Toronto kalau takde apa-apa.

Ephiphany | The Wild

I truly had a good time at the opening night. I saw few old faces and met a bunch of new people. I also enjoyed all 10 art pieces. First thing that came to my mind when I was the pieces was, "How can someone be so creative and draw so well and *insert everything positive traits and possible talents here*?"

*nangis bawah selimut sebab lukis orang lidi pun tak pandai*

*nangis sekali lagi sebab tak pandai tangkap gambar walaupun ada DSLR*

Selfie at The Wild opening night
Yang bertudung ni pengunjung sahaja.
*Maaf, muka terlebih excited*

Rasa bangga sangat bila tengok one of your friends accomplished one of her life goals. Diri sendiri ni bila nak kejar impian pun tak tahu. Eh, sekejap ya. Ada ke impian yang dikejar ni? *garu kepala*

Anyway, what I really want to say is I totally enjoy the exhibition. Maaf, tak dan nak upload gambar art pieces yang lain. Sebab masa post ni ditaip, exhibition tu masih berlangung. Tak surprise kalau upload semua gambar.

Congratulations to my teacher and my housemate. I hope this is the start for many collaboration projects in the future ^_^

Friday, March 13, 2015

Blue Mountain

This is a long overdue post. Almaklumlah, cuti lama daripada blogging.

Malaysian Team at Blue Mountain
Group picture kena photobombed pun boleh :)

Pada February 19, 2015, kami telah selamat menjejakkan kaki ke Blue Mountain untuk ski/snowboarding trip anjuran MSA. Sejujurnya, saya tak berapa pasti Blue Mountain ni dekat mana sebab langsung tak nampak jalan sepanjang perjalanan. Tingkap bas berais yang macam kalau fridge sejuk sangat tu. Tak nampak apa pun dekat luar.

Pertama kali snowboarding, saya memang takut dan risau sangat. Takut kalau tak dapat tangkap cara yang betul untuk snowboarding. Takut tak dapat snowboarding dengan betul sebab saya memang tak berapa ngam dengan winter sports. Skating pun tak lepas lagi. Risau kalau dapat injuries ke apa ke. I can't afford to be sick! Cuaca pula sejuk sangat hari tu. The sensory temperature was -40.

Pasal saya dah ada perasaan takut dan risau tu way before I start the practice, memang gelabah habis la bila buat betul-betul. Saya rasa saya sampai kena panic attack. Instructor saya pun perasan. Rasa sedih je sebab tak dapat buat betul-betul lagi. Asyik jatuh. Jatuh pula macam-macam gaya. Yang paling ekstrem dan sakit sekali bila jatuh terhentak kepala. Bergegar kepala. Lepas je jatuh terhentak kepala, terus saya berhenti.

One thing if you want to go skiing or snowboarding: Do not be afraid of falling, and do not give up easily! Jangan jadi macam saya. Lepas saya jatuh banyak kali sampai yang terhentak kepala tu, terus saya berhenti. Sampai sekarang saya rasa menyesal.

Farah X Blue Mountain. Ha Neul X Blue Mountain
Ha Neul X Blue Mountain

Lepas berhenti, terus saya pergi Blue Mountain Village sebab saya sedih dan sakit sangat. Blue Mountain Village ni cantik sangat-sangat! Too bad saya takde gambar sebab tak bawa kamera keluar. Nak tangkap gambar pakai phone pula nanti tangan sakit sebab kena buka gloves. Dekat sini, baru nampak ada lagi aktiviti lain yang ditawarkan selain daripada ski dan snowboard. Ada snowtubing, skating, dan snowshoeing. Teringin nak snowtubing, tapi masa tu tinggal berapa jam je lagi. Tak sempat dah.

Habis jalan dekat Blue Mountain Village, balik semula ke slope asal. Tapi, kali ni saya tolong jadi photographer untuk kawan-kawan saya sahaja. Tak larat nak cuba sekali lagi sebab kepala saya masih ting tong lagi.

All in all, saya berpuas hati dengan trip kali ni walaupun dapat banyak kecederaan dan masih tak berapa pandai nak snowboarding lagi. At least, saya dah ada pengalaman snowboarding dan dapat explore tempat lain selain daripada Guelph. Oh, and I am pretty sure this will be my first and the last time going snowboarding :p

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What Happens When You Have A Girl With A Suppressed Shopping Desire, An Internet Connection, A Broken MP3 & A Credit Card Under Her Name?

Bought my first Apple product on February 3, 2015 and safely received the item on February 11, 2015. Alhamdulillah, I'm happy with this impulse purchase (again!). What's to hate eh? It's blue and it plays music. I love the colour blue and I sure do love listening to music :)

Personalized iPod nano blue
I engraved my full name on the iPod nano.

Fun fact
It's cheaper to buy iPod nano from Apple (Canada) than Apple (Malaysia).

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Dose of Happiness

Who knows Farah would enjoy an art exhibition?

Family picture at The Wild Opening Night
The Wild Opening Night

Bonus: This song makes me happy too! 

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Bersyukurkah Kita?

Satu hari saya sendawa dalam kelas. Lepas tu, saya pun cakaplah, "Alhamdulillah". Kawan saya dekat sebelah pun tanyalah sesuatu dekat saya yang buat saya muhasabah diri saya balik.

"Farah, saya nak tanya something dekat Farah. Farah jangan marah ya".


"Bila you cakap alhamdulillah tu kan, you betul-betul bersyukur ke you dapat makan sedap-sedap dan kenyang or you dah terbiasa cakap alhamdulillah tu bila you sendawa?"

"Interesting. You know what. I rasa I memang bersyukur sebab dapat makan sedap-sedap dan kenyang tapi bila you dah tanya macam ni, tiba-tiba I rasa I cakap alhamdulillah tu sebab dah terbiasa. Alamak, macam mana ni?!"

"I tanya je tau. You tak payah rasa bersalah ke apa ke tau".


Merujuk kembali kepada perbualan di atas, pernah tak awak tanya dekat diri awak bila awak cakap alhamdulillah (dalam kes ni, sendawa kenyang lepas makan), awak betul-betul bersyukur atas nikmat yang Allah kurniakan tu atau awak dah terbiasa dari kecil cakap alhamdulillah lepas sendawa kenyang makan.

Malam yang kawan saya tanya soalan tu, lama juga saya muhsabah diri saya balik. Betul-betul rasa terpanar dengan soalan kawan saya tu. Soalan simple macam tu tiba-tiba buka soalan lain dalam diri saya dan buat saya reevaluate diri saya balik.

Agak-agak, berapa banyak nikmat Allah yang kita dapat selama ni, kita memang betul-betul ikhlas ucapkan alhamdulillah bila kita terima nikmat-nikmat tu? Adakah ucapan syukur, ucapan alhamdulillah tu hanya di mulut sahaja? Sampai ke tidak perasaan dan ucapan syukur tu ke hati kita? Adakah perbuatan dan amalan harian kita menunjukkan yang kita ni bersyukur atas segala nikmat Allah? Dan adakah kita menggunakan nikmat Allah tu untuk benda-benda yang hak?
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