Doodles of Life: September 2015

Monday, September 28, 2015

Evening At Edith Cavell

If you've been following my blog since last year, you should know that my favourite mountain in Jasper is Mount Edith Cavell. Mount Edith Cavell was one of the reasons why I went back to Jasper last summer.

Mount Edith Cavell
I was stunned by this view

All this while I've been obsessing over Mount Edith Cavell from afar. And, alhamdulillah, I got a chance to go for a hiking trip to the base of Mount Edith Cavell last summer. In case you're wondering, nope, I did not climb the mountain. Mount Edith Cavell hike is for the professionals. I am far from professional. I only went to the base :)

Mount Edith Cavell
Angel Glacier and Cavell Pond (I assume)

The road up to the base was crazy because it was zigzagged.  Few girls had carsick. We had to stop few times. I felt bad for them but I cannot do anything to help them. Plus, I was busy calming myself. I was like an excited child while we were on our way to the base. I kept repeating, "Oh my god! I'm so excited! I cannot wait to see Edith Cavell from near. My dream will come true! Edith Cavell, wait for me." A lil bit dramatic, I know. My heart was beating too fast to the point I felt I was gonna have a heart attack.

Once we arrived, my reaction was like, "OMG! I cannot believe this is happening! Dreams do come true, Farah! Dreams do come true! Subhanallah. Edith Cavell! I cannot believe my eyes! Why are you so pretty?!"

Meadows at Mount Edith Cavell
Meadows at Mount Edith Cavell

It was cold, cloudy, and raining a lil bit when we arrived there. I was excited yet I was not really happy at first because I want to see Mount Edith Cavell in a good weather. And what made things worse was I went there with an empty stomach. So, I was a lil bit grumpy. I woke up so so late as I had a midnight shift the day before and I missed my dinner. My advice to you, never ever go for hiking trip with an empty stomach!

Mount Edith Cavell
Trail to Angel Glacier

But nothing can ever go wrong in the beautiful place like Jasper. My mood totally changed after few minutes. The view was still super pretty and so spectacular even with the crappy weather. We did the easy trail to the Angel Glacier. We also did another trail which I cannot recall. Pardon me, it has been almost 3 months since this trip happened.

Angel Glacier
Angel Glacier at Mount Edith Cavell

The trail to Angel Glacier was actually closed by Parks Canada but our guides said, "It's okay! It does not look that dangerous. Let just go down to the Angel Glacier. It's gonna be such a waste of time if we did not get to be near to the Angel Glacier." So, down the Angel Glacier we went. You have no idea how afraid I was as I was kind of breaking a law by passing over the closed trail. But the afraid feeling went out the window as soon as I reached Angel Glacier.

Mount Edith Cavell
The other trail that we did.

It was super cool as I can see the glacier closely. I also got a chance to touch those ices. We spent a good half an hour here before headed out to another trail. The trail that we went was fairly easy. We got to see the meadows and few animals on our way to the midpoint of the trail.

Marmot at Mount Edith Cavell

We did not finish the trail as we did not have enough time. We stopped at the midpoint because we have to be back at our van at 8:30PM. We reached the midpoint around 7:45ish and we needed at least half an hour to walk back to our van. I was pretty sad because I really wanted to stay longer.

Chipmunk at Mount Edith Cavell

We left the base at 8:30PM sharp. I was overwhelmed with different feelings when we left. Part of me was happy because I got to be closer to Mount Edith Cavell. But, there was another part of me that felt so sad as the time that I spend there was fairly short. Why the heck I had so much emotion? hahahahaha.

Mount Edith Cavell
Edith Cavell

But, I am very sure about one thing. I love Edith Cavell and it has a very special place in my heart. So long, Edith Cavell. May I get a chance to see you again, insya Allah.

Monday, September 21, 2015

One Day Three Falls: Athabasca Falls

Read One Day Three Falls: Stanley Falls and One Day Three Falls: Sunwapta Falls.

Athabasca Falls is arguably the most famous waterfalls in Jasper National Park. Ramai sangat-sangat manusia yang akan datang melawat Athabasca Falls ni. Most of postcards yang related to Jasper National Park pun akan ada gambar Athabasca Falls ni.

One Day Three Falls: Athabasca Falls

Distance wise, Athabasca Falls ni paling dekat dengan hotel tempat saya kerja. Tapi, kami selalu pergi Athabasca Falls last sekali. Sebab kalau pergi masa tengah hari, masya Allah orangnya ramai sangat-sangat! You'll have not space to take pictures pun.

Masa first time saya joined this trip, saya paling suka Athabasca Falls ni. Sebab Athabasca Falls cantik sangat-sangat. And it is well developed for tourists. Mungkin masa tu saya rasa macam tourist, that's why saya suka sangat-sangat Athabasca Falls ni. But this time around, saya lagi suka Stanley Falls. Mungkin sebab Stanley Falls lagi tenang dan tak ramai orang. Dan mungkin juga sebab saya dah acah-acah rasa macam local. hahahaha!

One Day Three Falls: Athabasca Falls

Disebabkan masa ni kami semua dah penat sangat-sangat dan rasa mengantuk, kami tak berhenti lama pun dekat Athabasca Falls ni. Mungkin lebih kurang 1 jam je. Tangkap gambar dekat atas, tangkap gambar dekat tengah-tengah, then lari-lari pergi bawah, tangkap gambar. That's it.

Takde pun ambil masa nak turun sampai ke bawah dekat Athabasca River. Masing-masing pun dah rengsa. Semua pun nak balik. Orang pun masa tu ramai sangat-sangat sampai saya rasa pening. Nasiblah saya dah pernah pergi Athabasca Falls ni. Kalau tak, mahu terkilan juga sebab tak dapat luangkan masa dekat sini.

One Day Three Falls: Athabasca Falls

And that's how I ended this day trip. No bears or anything. Semua pun membuta dalam bus masa on the way balik hotel. I felt so bad for Ron because he had to drive us back to the hotel. Orang lain sedap-sedap membuta, dia je yang berjaga sebab kena drive.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

One Day Three Falls: Sunwapta Falls

Lepas Stanley Falls, kami pergi ke Sunwapta Falls. I honestly think that Sunwapta Falls is not that famous compared to Athabasca Falls but it is surely more popular than Stanley Falls. Kiranya kalau ikut equation; Athabasca Falls > Sunwapta Falls > Stanley Falls. Tapi, kalau ikut minat saya, Stanley Falls > Athabasca Falls > Sunwapta Falls.

Well, everyone is subjected to his or her opinion kan :)

Sunwapta Falls, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

Before we started exploring Sunwapta Falls, we stopped for lunch break. While all the other people were busy enjoying their lunches, saya telan air liur sahajalah. Kata puasa. Sementara tunggu mereka habis makan, saya berlagak jadi zirafah dan menjenguk-jengukkan kepala saya sebab nak tengok air terjun.

Sunwapta Falls ni ada dua parts. Upper Sunwapta Falls and lower Sunwapta Falls. Upper part yang 0.1 km. Lower part tu lebih kurang 2 km lebih.

Sunwapta Falls, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

Masa nak turun ke lower part of Sunwapta Falls tu, Ron tersalah tunjuk jalan. He guided us towards Big Bend and Fortress Lake direction. Nasib baik sempat tegur Ron masa tu. Kalau tak, mahu sampai ke British Columbia dah masa tu. British Columbia is another province, by the way :)

Sunwapta Falls, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

Again, it was an easy hike sebab path to the lower part tu macam jalan. Cuma semput dan penat sikit sebab curam. Going down was not a problem. Going up tu la yang terpaksa berhenti banyak kali sikit sebab nak ambil nafas. Pasal masa tu puasa, jadi extra penat sebab tak boleh minum air kan.

Sunwapta Falls, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

While I did not remember how long we were there, I am pretty sure it was not that long. Sebabnya, semua orang pun dah penat. Plus, there was nothing interesting to see at the Sunwapta Falls. Spots untuk tangkap gambar yang cantik pun kurang. Makanya, berjalan pergi lajulah kami dari Sunwapta Falls ni.

After that, we headed to the famous Athabasca Falls. Macam biasa, kita sambung pasal Athabasca Falls ni dekat post lain, insya Allah.

Monday, September 14, 2015

One Day Three Falls: Stanley Falls

Stanley Falls, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

Ada rasa macam dejavu tak bila baca title post ni? If yes, good because I used to have a post with the same exact title on my old blog. This is a very old story. Dah lama dok berabuk dekat drafts as I was too occupied with my job and all the dramas that happened last summer.

Initially, I did not want to publish this post sebab benda sama je but I changed my mind because I wanted to share the photos. I know some of you guys just come to see all photos that I posted, not really to read my rants or anything. hehe. Lagipun, kasi canlah sebab saya dah tak main Instagram sangat dah. Blog ni je tempat saya nak share semua gambar yang saya tangkap.

Stanley Falls, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

Alhamdulillah, I was given a chance to join the trip organized by Staff Activities last summer. Mula-mula rasa macam tak nak pergi sebab dah pernah pergi dan masa tu baru hari pertama puasa but I love Stanley Falls and Athabasca Falls too much, sebab tu gigihkan diri juga untuk pergi.

Stanley Falls ni terletak dekat-dekat Columbia Icefield along the Icefield Parkway. Masih lagi terletak dalam Jasper National Park, tapi jauh dia dari hotel tempat saya kerja tu lebih kurang satu jam lebih ke dua jam. Tapi, apa ada hal tempat jauh bila ada orang lain jadi driver. Thanks to Ron for driving us there! :)

Stanley Falls, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

Masa first time pergi tu, saya dok kalut rasa gelabah sebab tak pernah hiking, kali ni pergi, alhamdulillah, rasa senang je nak hike ke Stanley Falls ni. Dia punya senang tu sampai rasa macam, "Eh, dah sampai atas dah? Sekejap je. Awat dulu lama sangat rasa nak sampai atas?" Mungkin Allah mudahkan sebab masa tu puasa kot. Tak sempat rasa penat pun.

As expected, Stanly Falls never fails me. It's still looks stunning like ever. In fact, I felt that Stanley Falls looked more captivating this time around. Maybe because there were only four of us and two dogs. haha! There was no rush. We were enjoying the scenery and taking our own sweet time.

Stanley Falls, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

We spent almost three hours here. It felt so good to spend time over there. We were exposed to sunshine which made us felt a little bit warmer. Cuaca masa tu agak sejuk walaupun summer. Bila duduk dalam hutan tu, tak terasa sejuk sangat. Tapi, hati rasa sejuk je bila tengok pemandangan dekat situ.

This is totally random. Perasan tak dalam BM kita cakap, sejuk je hati bila kita suka sesuatu tapi dalam BI, kita cakap, it warms my heart or it warms the cockles of my heart. Interesting eh.

Stanley Falls, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

After that, we headed out to our next falls; Sunwapta Falls. Sunwapta Falls ni, kita sambung lain post ya.

Friday, September 11, 2015


Night Lights
Was welcomed back with this night view.

Wednesday, September 09, 2015


Lac Beauvert
Jasper is gonna feel like a dream again.

Sunday, September 06, 2015

13,032 km

13,032 KM
I was 13,032 km away from home yesterday. I miss you, Malaysia!

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Two More Nights

Two more nights to this beautiful scenery again, insya Allah. Hope it will not rain or snow this time around. I need sunny days to enjoy this beautiful place to my heart's content.

View from Sulphur Mountain
View from Sulphur Mountain
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