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Friday, August 21, 2015

The Struggles Of Having A Resting Bitch Face And Monotonous Voice

I want to highlight a problem that I often face as an introvert. Resting bitch face (RBF). But I would prefer to call it resting serious face. I am not a big fan of the bitch word.

And what make it worse for me is I have a monotonous voice most of the time. It makes me sound unenthusiastic and sound like I don't give a damn.

Resting serious face + monotonous voice = Failed social skill.

People keep thinking that I am always mad just because I have my serious face on. The thing is I have a resting serious face. And I always have a serious face when I am concentrating on something. Reading, working, anything.

One time, James suddenly said "That's the smile that I wanna see, Farah. You should smile a lot." to me. And I, as usual, being such a clueless person replied him, "Pardon?" Apparently, according to James, I always look so serious when I am working. He even said I always have this face that says "Don't talk to me. I'm so busy. Can't you see? I don't want to talk to you." That's why he was excited to see my smile.

I laughed so hard after I heard that. But I felt so sad after that because people misinterpreted my serious face.

John, my colleague once kept calling my name, "Farah! Farah! Farah!" which I responded by raising my eyebrows as a sign of "What? What do you want from me?". He later said, "Smile, Farah! Smile. Why you look so serious today?" I just brushed his question off with my awkward smile. "There you go, Farah! Smile."

As for my voice, I can't help but sound monotonous most of the time. Especially when I am answering phone calls. That's why I prefer texts over phone calls. I don't usually answer phone call except if the calls come from my family or my workplace. And I only sound enthusiastic when my family or friends is the one who's calling me.

One time, James called me. He sounded so excited and cheerful. But I answered his call with my usual monotonous voice. Oh and I sounded skeptical too (according to James).


"Hello, Farah! This is James"

"I know."

"I'm calling to see how the Guelph people is doing. Your number is Guelph number, right?"

"Har! Har! Yes, it's Guelph number" 

"How are you?"


"Why you sound so skeptical, Farah?"

"No, I'm not. I'm just wondering why you call me?

"Someone called in sick today. I'm wondering if you want to come in today and get extra hours."

"Urmmm, sure. When do you want me to come?

"Can you come around 2 PM?"

"Errrr, can I come at 4 PM instead?"

"Sure, sure. Just take your time. You just have to come before 4:30 PM."

"Okay then."

"Thanks, Farah. See you later. Come with smile, okay?" 

"See you!"

Apparently it was not enough for James to point out that I sounded skeptical. He also made a point that I should leave my serious face back at my room and wear a smile to work.

T.h.a.n.k. y.o.u, James!

Sometimes, I wish people will understand that I'm not mad all the time when they see my face, and I do care or I do give a damn when they hear my voice. I'm okay and I'm perfectly fine even though I'm not smiling. You have my attention even though I sound like I don't care when I'm interacting with you. I just have this resting serious face and monotonous voice.


  1. straight face...

    mmg susah nak elak...lagi-lagi kalau dah tu mmg muka yg ada hari-hari pun....anyway, like what James says, just don't forget to smile...keep it that in your mind... :)

    1. Tapi, memang muka kita dah serious macam ni, nak buat macam mana? T___T

      I tried, kak Sally! Tapi, saya cepat penat kalau asyik nak kena senyum je.

  2. well well, i feel you sister. hahaha..

    saya kena benda yang sama juga. muka saya memang susah nak senyum. lagi-lagi masa concentrate gila-gila dengan something. kawan kata muka kita garang macam nak makan orang depan tu. adeh.

    tapi ramai juga cakap 'kau senyumlah sikit Amy, senyuman kau paling manis.' hahahaha. so, lepas tu i try to smile a lot. kadang2 jalan sorang2 pun senyum biasa. macam orang gila pun ada. tapi xpela.

    1. Saya ada juga cuba-cuba nak senyum selalu ni, tapi rasa macam penat sikit. Tak tahulah kenapa. Lepas tu, rasa macam pelik kalau asyik nak kena senyum je.

  3. Hahahaha, same here! :)

    I can say, we can practice it. I've been there, and I was struggling to smile. Sometimes, I feel like an idiot smiling when I'm alone or to people who may not smile back. But, it's better than nothing right? Smile will always make us happy, ESPECIALLY, when someone else smile back at us :D

    p/s - lenguh pipi kan kalau senyum aje. sobssss.
    p/s/s - was in a session of sharing personal thoughts on someone. i was really glad when a girl said 'keep smiling like you always do :)'

    1. Baiklah, nanti saya praktiskan supaya senyum sentiasa. Tapi,memang lenguh pipi kalau asyik senyum je.

      That's good for you then! Someone actually noticed your smiles :)

  4. Adui, dilema sungguh kalau macam tu.
    Try laa praktis depan cermin untuk buang RBF tu. Kena senyum selalu...hahaha

    1. Tapi, RBF tu, memang muka normal. Macam mana? hahahahaha.

      Iyalah, nanti saya praktis senyum selalu.

  5. I have blur-kind-of-face and I rarely have expression on my face. Happy ke, sedih ke, sama je muka. HAHAH. I understand you :D

  6. hehehe adik manish.. kenalah banyak senyum.. hati pun riang ria =)
    tapi memanglah.. certain people ada this kinda vibe yang 'dont come near me' 'i dont wanna talk to you'
    hehe akak pulak extra peramah so bila jumpa orang yg mcm ni rasa sedih je..

    if kita jumpa one day.. Farah kena always smile okay =)

    1. I wish I can be like you, kak Siti. Peramah. Tapi, saya memang pendiam orangnya. Sangat-sangat reserved.

      Insya Allah, kalau kita jumpa satu hari nanti, saya akan senyum selalu :)

  7. so, u must practice to smile... hehehe.. biasa la tu farah.. kalau dh terbiasa, mmg xsedar kan.. sampaila ada yg tegur..

    1. Insya Allah, akan cuba-cuba untuk senyum selalu :)

      Betul tu Zizie. Tak perasan sangat sampailah ada yang tegur.

  8. hihihi.. ada jugak kenal orang macam tu.. tp bila lama2 dah taw dah dia bukannya tgah bad mood, dia mmg mcm tu! hahaa

    eh ntah2 aku pon mcm tu :P

    1. Mohon tak benci orang macam kami ni. hiks!

  9. sangat sukakan orang yang pemurah dgn senyuman ! instantly can make people smiles :)
    kalau orang tu xsuka dgn perangai kita. let it go

    1. Setuju tapi orang macam saya yang memang muka sentiasa serious ni pun sebenarnya agak friendly juga.


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