Doodles of Life: June 2015

Saturday, June 27, 2015

That One Time James Said More Than 7 Sentences To Me

That one time James said more than 7 sentences to me, I giggled. Now, who is this James that I'm talking about? Raise your hands up if you know the James that I'm talking about. Anyone?

Give yourself a pat if you answered James, the manager. Yes, I'm talking about James, my manager. Not James Royal Pirates.

I'm a very uptight and awkward person when I'm around James. I feel that I have to be extra careful when I'm around him because he's my manager. And we don't really talk because he's so busy and he spends most of his time working outside. The only thing that he usually says to me is, "Hey Farah!" That's it. No more no less.

And I, being a very introverted, reserved, and quiet person, I usually reply, "Hey James!" That's it. I never try to prolong our conversation. Heck, I never try to initiate conversation with him. And most of the times, I respond to his questions or orders by body language.

Kah kah kah. Punyalah pemalas nak keluarkan suara setiap kali dengan James ni. Now I feel so bad because I never respond to him properly. Maaf ya, James.

So, it was kinda a big thing for me when he said more than 7 sentences to me. He gave me orders on what we should do next (He usually tells my senior colleagues which happen to be his friends about all of these stuffs). He tried to make small talks with me. He even tried to make lame jokes which I had no idea how to respond.

While I was doing towels,

"Farah, let's do napkins after you finished this bin of towels."
"I don't have to do the other bins of towels that we have here? Just start feeding the napkins?"
"Yes, you got it right!"


While my colleagues and I were taking 15 minutes break,

"Get up! Get up! Back to work."
"But, we still have 5 more minutes of break."
"Nope you're not. The break is over when I say it's over."

"Hmmm, okay."
"You should feel grateful you have 15 minutes break. We used to only have 5 minutes break."
"I am very thankful for this 15 minutes break."
"Looks like Farah is not happy with her 15 minutes break. I guess I'm going to hold your dinner break time."

"No, I'm not! I AM very thankful for this 15 minutes break."

While I was at the receiving end of our press machine,

"So Farah, you're receiving now?"
*Angguk kepala*
"We're gonna start with Whistlers now."
*Angguk kepala*

"Tony and Kelly are going for dinner now. You're gonna stay and keep receiving until they finish their dinner."
*Angguk kepala*
"I'm going to feed the rest of contracts with Glen."
*Angguk kepala*

"We're doing fitted sheets after this."
*Angguk kepala*
"Why are you bringing them back?"
"They're still damp."


"Do you get the flat sheets?"
*Angguk kepala*

"We're doing pillowcases next."
*Angguk kepala*

While I was feeding napkins with Glen,

Glen was complaining about banquet people that keep asking for clean table linens or napkins even though they keep giving us very dirty napkins and table linens. "We want clean napkins and table linens bla bla bla."

"You like Glen's girly voice, Farah?"
"Do you like Glen's girly voice, Farah?" *He even mimicked Glen's girly voice*

So, this was the one time James said more than 7 sentences to me. I don't think this situation is going to happen again in the future. So, let me savor this moment. Hahahahaha.

Thursday, June 25, 2015


Someone accidentally burnt my tudung. It happened yesterday while I was cooking my humble juadah berbuka. Apparently, another guy that was cooking at the same time forgot to turn off the electric stove. And the irony of this situation was that guy is a chef. It made me wonder, "Kau tak tutup api dapur ke bang bila kau habis memasak dekat hotel tu?! Harapnya kau tak lupala ya bang. Hotel ni dahlah senang terbakar."

Farah H at Stanley Falls, Jasper National Park, Canada
Last outing with my pink tudung.

Makanya, berlubanglah pink tudung saya. Sobs. Sobs. Sobs. I guess no more pink tudung for me for the next couple of months.

Friday, June 19, 2015

[Repost] Puasa Pertama Di Negara Orang

This post was originally published on my older blog last year. I have decided to repost the post because puasa pertama di negara orang was one of milestones in my life. And, because it's Ramadhan now :)


This is such a long overdue post. Nak taip dari first Ramadhan hari tu, tapi penat sangat, jadi asyik bertangguh je. First of all, Ramadhan Kareem, everyone. Alhamdulillah, masih diberi kesempatan oleh Allah untuk menjalani ibadah puasa ni, insya Allah.

Ada yang tanya pasal pengalaman puasa dekat sini. So, here it goes.

Puasa dekat Jasper ni memang susah sangat. Subuh dekat sini pukul 3:50 pagi. Maghrib dia pula pukul 10:20 malam. Makanya, berpuasa la saya selama 18 jam lebih. Sebelum Ramadhan start hari tu. saya asyik tertanya-tanya sama ada mampu ke saya berpuasa selama 18 jam lebih dekat sini dengan kerja saya yang macam ni.

Tapi, alhamdulillah, Allah permudahkan segala urusan buat masa ni. Dia bagi saya kerja dekat tempat indoor, jadi saya kurang terdedah kepada cahaya matahri which helps me a lot. Orang lain berpeluh-peluh buat kerja but I barely sweat. Rezeki pun murah sangat-sangat alhamdulillah. Sekarang ni, hampir setiap hari dapat tip. Sebelum ni, saya jarang dapat tip. Alhamdulillah.

Dekat sini, I learned about modesty all over again. Berbuka dekat sini sangat-sangat sederhana. Makan apa je yang ada. Selalunya makan jagung dalam tin je. Nak masak berat-berat pun tak boleh sebab kami takde cooking utensils yang mencukupi dekat sini. Sedih juga bila fikir tak dapat makan sedap-sedap. Tapi, takpelah. Insya Allah, ada hikmahnya. After all, we eat to survive, not for pleasure.

And I keep being reminded yang sesungguhnya Allah itu Maha Pengasih lagi Maha Penyayang. Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah. Bertalu-talu peringatan tu Allah bagi. Dia hantar angles in disguise to ease our ibadah.

Masa first Ramadhan hari tu, sebelum berbuka, rasa sedih sangat sebab teringin sangat nak makan nasi. Kami takde nasi dekat sini. Cakap dengan senior, "Ya Allah, mengada-ngada pula nafsu ni. Masa ni pula nak keluar Malaysian side dia. Teringin nak makan nasi pula". Lepas tu, Sandy balik dari town. Dia belikan Korean food untuk kitaorang. Menangis on the spot juga sebab gembira sangat. Kata Sandy, "I feel so sad for you guys. You don't have anything to eat except the corn. You guys have to re-energize yourself with good food after the long day of fasting".

Dan semalam. Feng pula datang bawa buah untuk kitaorang. Ya Allah, terharu sangat. I feel like a child again. Semua orang datang bawa kasih sayang, galakan, dan makanan untuk kitaorang. And to think that all these came from our non-Muslim friends, who never had knowledge about Islam, was totally mind blowing.


Jasper has really taught me a lot! It has left such a huge impact on me in such a short time. I wonder what Allah has prepared for me for the next two months. Till then, I should keep being grateful for His endless blessing and nikmah :)

Ramadhan Kareem again, everyone. May Allah ease our ibadah and bless our lives, insya Allah.

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Bagaimana Untuk Menjayakan Satu Perhubungan?

Sorry for the awkward title. I don't know how to translate "how to make relationship work" properly. Hence, bagaimana untuk menjayakan satu perhubungan.

I had this question; "How do people make their relationships work?" when my roommate came back from work. The question suddenly popped up in my head. Talk about random eh. Geez, I wish I was not this random.

Okay, maybe not that random because I subconsciously have thinking about it for a while. I have been thinking about how to spend more time with my roommate with limited time that we have. We only have 4 months together.

My roommate and I have different shifts and different days off. I have two shifts which I called AM shift and PM shift. I start at 8 AM if I have morning shift and 2 PM if I have evening shift. My days off are on Friday and Saturday. My roommate has weird shifts. Kadang-kadang shift dia start pukul 6 pagi, takpun 7 pagi, takpun 10 pagi ataupun 3 petang. Dia punya days off pula tak tetap.

As you can see, we don't really start at the same time and obviously we don't finish at the same time too. Kadang-kadang saya dah siap nak pergi kerja waktu pagi, dia tidur lagi and vice versa. Kadang-kadang saya balik, dia tak balik lagi and vice versa. Kadang-kadang saya dah tidur bila dia balik and vice versa.

Our situation makes me so stressed because I don't want her to be my roommate atas nama je. I don't want her to be my hi, bye friend je. So, one night we sat together and talked about this.

"Geez, we finally have time to talk to each other. It's been 2 days I think"

"I know right! How do people make their relationships work despite all the differences?! We only have different shifts and it really drives me crazy because we don't have time to talk."

We both decided to have lunch together if we have PM shift. This is absolutely a brilliant solution to the problem that we had. At least we get to spend a solid one hour together in a day and talk about what's happening in our lives. And alhamdulillah, this approach gonna work for us, insya Allah because both of us will have PM shift for the rest of summer. 

But seriously though, how do people make their relationships work despite all the differences?

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Kisah Tiket MYR 14,000

Few of my seniors shared this link; JPA booked airline tickets highly overpriced as they are busy preparing to go back to Malaysia for good. And it reminds me back to my first year masa datang Canada.
Our departure date was delayed. Sepatutnya terbang some time in late August tapi kami terbang September 7. Kami tahu kena terbang masa September 7 tu pun 3-4 hari sebelum tu. Berkumpullah kami di KLIA dalam 5 pagi masa September 7 tu untuk collect passports dan airline tickets kami.

After checking in and while waiting to pay for my extra luggage, my Ayah wanted to see my ticket. Maka, saya pun bagilah. Lepas tu, my Ayah pointed out the fact that my ticket price was MYR 14,000.

"Mahalnya tiket nak pergi Canada ni, Angah. 14 ribu!"

"Apa? 14 ribu?! Mahal gila!" Sesungguhnya saya sangat terkejut beruk bila tahu harga tiket tu. Rasa macam nak pengsan pun ya bila tahu.

"So, kenalah belajar betul-betul kat sana. Tak boleh main-main. Tak boleh nangis nak minta balik. [Insert segala nasihat yang cliche]"

"Macam mana nak balik masa summer ni kalau harga tiket 14 ribu. Dahlah one way je ni. Kalau return ticket mesti lagi mahal! Macam mana budak-budak overseas ni boleh balik Malaysia selalu kalau tiket mahal macam ni?" Masa tu saya masih naive lagi. Tak tahu pun yang ada je tiket yang lagi murah.

"Insya Allah ada caranya tu nanti. Cuba-cubalah tanya seniors Angah nanti. Tapi, kaya betullah JPA ya. Seorang je dah 14 ribu."
MYR 14,000. 
Sampai sekarang saya simpan tiket tu sebab masih tak percaya yang harga tiket one way mahal macam tu. Walhal kalau ikutkan ada je tiket yang lagi murah. Like, really really really cheap compared to what JPA has paid!

First time saya balik Malaysia, saya beli tiket 2 hari sebelum flight date. Memang last minute sangat. Not exactly the cheapest price but I was really homesick so I was not bothered by the extra dollars. I paid approximately MYR 6,000. Second time saya balik Malaysia, saya beli tiket 3 bulan sebelum flight date. I paid approximately MYR 4,500.

MYR 6,000 and MYR 4,500 are nothing compared to MYR 14,000. (Well, they are something but I hope you get what I mean). Hope my sponsor will be more thrifty in buying airline ticket for us. The extra MYR can be used for other good purposes, insya Allah.
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