Doodles of Life: February 2015

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Sad Story Behind Snow Day

Something hit me really hard last Tuesday. Something that will always be a reminder for me to be always grateful for all His blessings. Something that will always remind me to be humble and to share His love with everyone else.

I went to guide my friend to his class last Tuesday, a day after the snow day. I was so shocked when I first arrived at the designated building. Snow was everywhere (nothing shocking about this really!) and it was not properly shovelled. My school did not shovel the snow at accessible parking lots at all and did not shovel the snow at sidewalks properly.

What happened when my school did not shovel the snow properly?


My friend did not get to go to his class. He had to skip his class even though he was there at the school. His mum cannot park their car as the accessible parking lots were not shovelled. Moreover, his mum cannot drop him off as the sidewalks were not properly shovelled. The snow was still to thick and we were really sure that his wheelchair will get stuck on the snow.

And what made me feel so emotional to the point of almost crying was my school did not open accessible entrances of the designated building. It really broke my heart when my friend said, "But I really want to go to this class", and his mum replied, "I know but what can we do? I cannot drop you off. You'll get stuck. You can't even enter the classroom. There are stairs everywhere".

I cannot imagine if I was in his shoes. To be unintentionally and indirectly denied to the access of knowledge. To feel so helpless after trying so many ways. But I know, it hurts. I saw his disappointment. I saw his mother disappointing face. I too was deeply disappointed by this situation.

With that being said, this was my first time facing this situation. I guess I was disappointed because I have been pampered with excellent services for the past 3 years. I am actually pretty proud with my school and all services that it has been offering for all this while. I just hope that my school will put more attention on this matter so that it will not happen again in the future.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Snow Day

Sebab belum tentu akan ada snow day sekali setahun. Makanya, haruslah kita gunakan kesempatan yang ada untuk bersuka ria. *secretly wishing for another snow day*

Snow day with Ha Neul
Snow day with Ha Neul
Specially dedicated to kak Nur :)

Monday, February 02, 2015

Ribut Salji

Semalam Ayah tanya dekat sini "Okay tak? Sejuk sangat tak kali ni? Ada ribut salji ke? Ayah tengok New York kena ribut salji". Mungkin sebab dia risau lepas baca ribut salji dekat New York. Saya tak ikut sangat news, so tak tahu apa yang jadi dekat New York. Mungkin ribut salji dia teruk kot.

Macam biasa, saya jawablah, "Dekat sini okay je. Sejuk macam biasalah. Adalah berapa kali -25 dah. Selagi belum -40, insya Allah, orang boleh manage. Dan alhamdulillah, kat sini belum ada ribut salji lagi."

Salji tebal di pagi hari.

Hari ni bangun, tengok Facebook, ada orang cakap hari ni sekolah tutup. Tengok website sekolah, sekolah pun cakap, hari ni sekolah tutup. Pergi google Guelph weather, tengok ada winter storm warning. Pergi tingkap tengok luar, salji dekat belakang rumah tebal sangat. Sampai peha mungkin. Pergi tengok depan rumah, memang salji tebal. Salji depan pintu je dah sampai paras buku lali. Salji dekat parking spot mungkin sampai lutut.

Memang duduk dalam rumah, bawah selimut jelah hari ni. Penangan ribut salji.
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