Doodles of Life: 2015

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Boat Noodle, IOI City Mall

Boat Noodle, IOI City Mall

My sisters and I went to the Boat Noodle, IOI City Mall yesterday. At last! All this while I have been reading about Boat Noodle on various blogs. And I usually left comments like, "Famous ya tempat ni. Selalu nampak orang shared pasal Boat Noodle ni" or "Nampak sedap sangat!" or "Bilalah nak dapat peluang rasa Boat Noodle ni?" or something along those lines. Now, it is my turn to try this Boat Noodle. Alhamdulillah. All thanks to Along for treating us! :)

Boat Noodle, IOI City Mall

I have no idea how Boat Noodle restaurants should look like (I assume Boat Noodle is a franchise, so all the restaurants should have more or less the same interior and deco) but the Boat Noodle at IOI City Mall is quite small. It is divided into two sections. The first section is as seen on the first picture while the second section is as seen on the second picture.

Both sections were so full when we were there. We were lucky to get seated! Though our seats were not really the most strategic one. But, beggars cannot be choosy right, haha! Oh, before I forget, Boat Noodle at IOI City Mall is located at the second floor. Hujung dunia punya tempat! And from my random observation, all Boat Noodle's employees here are men. Makes me wonder, dimanakah pekerja perempuan? Or, does Boat Noodle only hire men as its employees?

Boat Noodle, IOI City Mall

I let Along decided what to eat as I have no idea benda apa yang sedap dekat sini. And you know, if the food is not delicious, I can blame her for ordering those food! hahaha. Just kidding :p All I know about Boat Noddle is orang selalu makan bermangkuk-mangkuk kalau datang sini. That's it!

And Along being a good sister who knows how picky I am about food, she tried her best to order things that I will find delicious or at least good enough for my taste buds. I can say that she did quite a good job. I was not fully satisfied with the noodles that I ate. A bowl of noodles (I don't know which flavor) tasted quite funny but the rest were so good!

Boat Noodle, IOI City Mall 
Things that we ordered 

Pathumthani Chicken Thai Rice Noodle / Ayutthaya Chicken Thai Rice Noodle (MYR 1.90/bowl)
One of these flavors tasted funny! I don't know which one but the other one tasted so so so good! I have to figure out which one is the delicious one so that I can order it next time :)

Chicken Wings (MYR 4.90)
I didn't get to taste the chicken wings but according to Along's friend, they were quite salty.

Thai's Popeye Tempura (MYR 6.90)
This one was delicious. I was reluctant to eat it at first because I am not a big fan of vegetables, but I was glad I decided to try it. It was crunchy and quite addictive. Thai's Popeye Tempura is made from spinach by the way.

Ka Num Tuay (MYR 1.00/set - 1 set 2 pcs)
This one was good too! It looked and tasted like kuih tepung pelita but the texture was quite different from kuih tepung pelita. Keras sikit dari kuih tepung pelita I would say.

Ice Blended Thai Green Tea (MYR 8.90)
Along and her friend ordered this. I'm not a big fan of green tea, so kita pass sahajalah. According to Along, Ice Blended Thai Green Tea is the most famous drink at Boat Noodle. Kiranya, kalau setiap kali orang datang Boat Noodle, memang mereka akan order Ice Blended Thai Green Tea ni.

Coconut Blended (MYR 8.90)
Kak Nur and I ordered this Coconut Blended. Oh my! Oh my! It tasted so so so good! You have to see my expression after I took my first sip! I was like, "Kemanisan dan kebahagiaan apakah ini?" Begitu sekali reaction seorang Farah :p

Boat Noodle, IOI City Mall
Seorang Farah yang sangat excited dengan Coconut Blended dia!

So, here is the final verdict. I would not mind to come again to Boat Noodle because at least there are some things that are pleasurable to my taste buds. And there are still a lot more things that I have to try! For instance, Boat Noodle has other things than noodles in its menu that are waiting to be tried. But, I have to try my best to avoid the tasted funny noodles.

And of course, I would not mind to come again because of the Coconut Blended! Coconut Blended Boat Noodle ni sedap sangat-sangat! Mohon tak terbayang-bayang kesedapan Coconut Blended Boat Noodle ni bila dah balik Canada nanti.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Bila Awak Tak Pandai Selfie

Family selfie
Bila awak tak pandai selfie
1. You don't know how to hold your phone when taking picture
2. You look at the phone screen instead of the phone camera
3. Unflattering angle is a must (oh my double chin!!!)

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Naturally Langkawi

Naturally Langkawi
Langkawi, you have been amazing :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Field Trip To 13th Street Winery

On September 29, my Operations Planning class went to the 13th Street Winery as part of our capstone project. We went there to get a clearer idea about the winery. Believe it or not, it was my first time going to a winery. I would say that the visit to 13th Street Winery was quite exciting and pleasant. The 13th Street Winery is so beautiful!

13th Street Winery
I'm in love with the building

We did site visit ala-ala fam tour la. The owners themselves guided us around the property. We got a chance to visit the wine store or The Gallery. We also got to go to its famous bakery; 13th Bakery and Marketplace. The Gallery looked super cool, okay. I was in awe all the time!

The Table at The Gallery of the 13th Street Winery

I want this kind of dining room in my own place satu hari nanti, aci tak? Bila pertama kali kami menjejakkan kaki ke dalam wine shop or The Gallery ni, semua orang kagum dengan interior dia. Sangat bersih, kemas, dan nampak exclusive. Rasa bersalah nak pijak lantai wine shop/The Gallery tu. haha.

The Table at The Gallery of the 13th Street Winery
Entrance to the 13th Bakery and Marketplace

The 13th Bakery and Marketplace ni macam kedai-kedai biasa yang awak boleh jumpa kalau awak pergi ke ladang apple. Diaorang jual a lil bit of wine, fresh produces macam tomatoes, strawberries, pumpkins, prunes, and pumpkins. Diaorang juga jual homemade jams dan homemade frozen soups. Dekat 13th Bakery and Marketplace ni banyak juga benda-benda arts yang sangat-sangat comel! Rasa macam nak beli tapi rasa macam membazir pula kalau beli sebab takut tak guna. haha!

The 13th Bakery and Marketplace
The 13th Bakery and Marketplace

Tapi, kalau dah sampai dekat 13th Street Winery ni, benda yang awak kena try dekat 13th Bakery and Marketplace ini ialah buttertarts. 13th Bakery and Marketplace ni memang sangat famous dengan buttertarts dia. Serious, memang sedap sangat buttertarts dia. Buttertarts dia ada 2 perasa; Raisin Buttertart dengan Pecan Buttertart. 

Pastries at the 13th Bakery and Marketplace
Pastries at the 13th Bakery and Marketplace

Saya rasa dua-dua buttertarts tu. Tapi, saya lagi suka Pecan Buttertart tu sebab saya tak suka raisins. hehe! Buttertarts 13th Bakery and Marketplace ni manis sangat-sangat! So, kalau awak diabetic, saya tak galakkan awak cubalah. Kalau awak tak diabetic, makan satu pun cukup sebab takut muak pula.

Wine and cheese tasting at the 13th Street Winery
Wine and cheese tasting at the 13th Street Winery

Habis je buat site visit, pihak 13th Street Winery sediakan wine and cheese tasting session untuk kami. Saya yang tak minum ni, berdiri sahajalah mendengar penjelasan pasal wine dan cara untuk minum wine. They prepared 3 types of wine and 2 types of cheese for us. Saya cuma rasa cheese yang pertama sahaja sebab cheese kedua tu, 13th Street Winery campur dengan red wine. 

Wine sold at the 13th Winery
Salah satu wine yang diguna semasa wine tasting (kalau tak silap sayalah)

Cheese yang saya rasa tu rasanya agak sedap cuma sedikit masin. Dia punya rasa tu pekat dan melekat sebab even lepas saya makan lunch saya pun, saya boleh rasa cheese tu lagi. Walhal rasa sikit je cheese tu. Tapi, kawan saya yang minum wine tu kata, cheese tu memang sedap sangat! Memang masuk dengan wine yang dia minum. Well, tak boleh nak complain apalah sebab the purpose of that cheese tu memang sebagai complement kepada wine tu.

13th Wine Shop and 13th Bakery
13th Wine Shop and 13th Bakery

Habis lunch dan wine and cheese tasting, kami dibenarkan untuk explore 13th Street Winery tu. Saya teringin sangat nak ke vineyards 13th Street Winery. Sebabnya, tak lengkaplah visit to winery kalau tak jejakkan kaki ke vineyards. Tapi, saya tak berpeluang nak ke vineyards 13th Street Winery sebab cuaca tidak mengizinkan. Hujan turun mencurah-curah dari langit. So, I went back to the 13th Bakery and Marketplace and stayed there until our bus came.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Rasa Bersalah

Rasa bersalah sangat bila balik ni dan tengok Mama dan Ayah cuba penuhkan segala permintaan anak mereka yang mengada-ngada seorang ni. Lepas ni, memang kena hati-hati bila cakap pasal teringin ni. Kena kurangkan sebut teringin tu, teringin ni.

Macam sekarang, rasa sedikit bersalah sebab teringin nak makan few things yang Mama masak. Oh man! Mama is not as healthy as she used to be. She does not even cook that much pun for the past few years.

Tapi, pasal anak mengada-ngada ni teringin nak makan, terpaksalah Mama masak untuk saya. Like right now, she is at the morning market shopping for fresh seafood and groceries, I guess. Tapi, anak dia yang seorang ni sedap-sedap je online dekat rumah.

Rasa bersalah sangat-sangat! I should follow her to the market just now. Darn you, jet lag!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Macam Manalah Hati Tak Sayang

By the time you read this, hopefully I have safely landed in Hong Kong. Five more hours to home sweet home. Five more hours to the warm embrace of my family. Five more hours to being pampered like a spoiled child for 21 days. Allahu! I'm super stoked! See you in a bit, Malaysia!

Macam manalah hati tak sayang *heart emojis*

And, see you in two days, Adik! Insya Allah :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Mudah Terhibur (Super Junior Version #2)

Assuming that the Evanesce performance was supposed to look like this. Everyone stood on the big circle platform and the big circle platform was lifted up and rotated,

They made some changes in Beijing. The small circle platform was lifted up instead of the big one. I guess Heechul forgot about it. The members' reactions especially Siwon, Kyuhyun, and Sungmin were priceless! Can you stop laughing, Siwon and Kyuhyun?! hahahaha

The most epic fail all the time! Cracked me up big time! How come an emotional and sad song can turn to such a funny song? hahaha! Apparently the staffs made a mistake. They were supposed to lift up the big circle platform, not the small one. Such a ridiculous situation that resulted in big laughters. Watch the start of the ridiculous situation [here]

No mistakes were made on this performance, but ELF's cheering made the situation so funny. And of course Siwon with his gestures. It's okay, Siwon! We got it :D

Okay, I should really stop with this Mudah Terhibur Super Junior Version thing. No more these childish stuff.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Mudah Terhibur (Super Junior Version #1)

What? Super Junior again?!

You guys have to understand that I don't really fangirl over Super Junior on a consistent basis. As I am getting older and busier with my school and life, I have many other priorities. Most of the time, I don't follow their comebacks and all. I don't watch their MVs when they are first released. I don't even listen to their new albums until after few months. But, when I do fangirl over them, I'll be in this state for maybe a week or two. haha!

I have no idea how I found this video. As far as I remember, I was doing something else when I stumbled upon this video. This video is a year old and I just found it today. I told ya, I don't really follow them on a consistent basis!

Cracked me up big time with Ryeowook's Mi, and Siwon's derp faces! Lots of laughter in the short 52 seconds which I needed the most right now.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Pretty Sapphire Blue Ocean

Because exam time is the best time to fangirl over Super Junior, right? 
Yeah, I know :p

Pongdang pondang tto fallin'
Sarangi dagawa
Jeulgeoun iyu i sesangneun
With too many beautiful girls
Come on come girls
Come come on yeah
Jeulgeoun iyu i sesangneun
With too many beautiful girls

Sapphire blue ocean looks so pretty I wanna cry! It literally gave me goosebumps. And this song is my current to go song whenever I need something upbeat and cheerful during these gloomy days.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Foggy Morning

Foggy Morning
Winegard Walk
8:00 AM
December 10th, 2015

Rasanya macam dah dekat lima hari tak nampak matahari dan langit biru. Macam manalah tak depress kalau dah berhari-hari cuaca macam ni. Langit biru mana? Langit biru? Matahari mana? Matahari? :(

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Connect & Interact Session

This post is going to be super long and super personal and there will be no pictures. So, if you come to see pictures, I suggest you close the tab, or you can go click [here] or [here].

I just came back from Connect & Interact Session with two officers of my sponsor. I thought the session will be lighthearted and such but oh boyyyyy, I was so wrong! Well, in some ways, it was a lighthearted session as we met in a very informal setting. No formal attire, protocol and all. We laughed a lot in that 2 1/2 hours.

But, the conversations we had, fuhhhh, terbakar otak, okay! Made me reflect about my life in this very stressful time. Rasa macam, why oh why! Why I have to think about this now? I'm supposed to think about my finals right now. ㅠㅠ

So, here are few things for me to ponder and remember. Included in the list too are things that I have to do (related to our conversations) after my finals.

  • Go back to Malaysia after graduation!
  • Government is investing at least MYR 1.2 million on you (I used to think my sponsorship is worth MYR 500K maximum, but I guess the weak MYR made my sponsorship worth double than what it is supposed to), so you have to go back to Malaysia and serve your country. 
  • You are required to serve the country, not the government.
  • You have to pay the ganti rugi if you do not go back to Malaysia. Or, your guarantors (in my case, my parents) will have to pay on your behalf.
  • You are a risky investment made by government. 
  • You are a precious human capital.
  • Read again the contract that you signed in your first year and clarify any confusion with officers in charge.
  • You are sent here to absorb the good culture and spread the good things that you have learned once you back to Malaysia. 
  • You are here to discover yourself, to unleash your hidden potential. 
  • Mix around with people around the world.
  • Be a good ambassador of Malaysia.
  • Be a Malaysian in Canada, not Canadized Malaysian.
  • You have to file borang lapor diri after graduation!
  • You are considered to be successfully filled in your borang lapor diri once you literally filled in the form, requested flight ticket back to Malaysia, and back to Malaysia! They are going to check your status at the Immigration Office.
  • You then have to apply for jobs at SPA website.
  • You are also required to apply for job STAR website if you did not get calls from SPA.
  • Most of government posts are filled up. 
  • You are most likely will not get a job with government especially Tourism Management students (That's me!)
  • You are released from your contract if you did not get any jobs after one year from your graduation.
  • Program Mahasiswa Cemerlang (PMC) is a JPA scholarship for post graduate studies (I do not think I made the cut, but it is worth to do research about)
  • Canadian education system is way better than UK education system in some ways. I should be thankful for it!
  • Should CC the officers when I am emailing the officers at HQ regarding my possible plan of working in Canada.
  • Government is most probably will not call me to go to PLKN after my graduation. Praying super hard that they will not call me! (I asked for 5-year extension)
  • Reach out, seek help whenever you feel down and depressed.
  • You can count on the officers whenever you need help.

Fuhhhh, what a list eh? Though the things on the list make me want to cry, it is actually good to be reminded about all those stuffs. They made me reevaluate my intention and reminded me about my purposes and responsibilities. They also made me appreciate things that I have taken for granted for a while.

Friday, December 04, 2015

Banff Trip 1.0 | Icefields Parkway (Lake Louise - Jasper)

This is the last post for my Banff Trip 1.0. Phewww, finally! 

Errr, kalau awak perasan, travelogues saya ni macam pelik sikit. Instead of doing it by day, I do it by attractions that I went or activities that I did. This is because I don't know the right way to write travelogues. Ada ke cara yang betul? Hmmm.

And the main reason of my travelogues sebenarnya bukanlah nak cerita sangat pengalaman saya. I'm not a good story teller. Tu pasallah kadang-kadang kalau awak baca posts saya, mesti macam tergantung. Saya cuma nak share gambar sahaja. So, harap faham kenapa highways pun boleh masuk dalam travelogues. haha!

Baca: Banff Trip 1.0 | BIcefields Parkway (Jasper - Banff)

I just want to share beautiful pictures of Icefields Parkway. Masa datang Banff hari tukan cuaca sendu habis. Gloomy je. Tapi bila balik Jasper, cuaca cantik sangat! Ada cahaya matahari, ada langit biru. Ya Allah, suka sangat!

Icefields Parkway

Icefields Parkway

Icefields Parkway

Icefields Parkway

Icefields Parkway

Tak banyak sangat gambar sebab saya dah penat masa tu. And the picture ended right before we arrived at Icefields Centre. Sebabnya lepas tu, memang saya tidur sahaja dalam bas. Kalau boleh, memang nak berjaga dan tengok pemandangan sekeliling tapi memang dah tak larat dah. So, goodbye beautiful view.

Footnote: This is the end of my Banff Trip 1.0 posts. Hope you enjoy seeing the beautiful view of Banff National Park from my camera lens. 

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Banff Trip 1.0 | Lake Agnes & Lake Agnes Tea House

*Refreshing back to my point in previous post.*

Yes! We went for hiking again in Lake Louise. We hiked to Lake Agnes & Lake Agnes Tea House. According to my friend, the hike to Lake Agnes & Lake Agnes Tea House is a moderate hike and a doable hike for people who have limited time like us.

"Do you want to go for hiking?"

"Is there anything else that we can do here besides hiking?"

"Not really."

"I guess we are hiking then."

"Do you want to go for moderate hike or challenging hike?"

"I want an easy hike! Ada ke? Pleaselah ada. Penatlah. Semalam baru hiked Sulphur Mountain. Tak habis penat lagi pun. Kaki pun sakit. I need my legs to be in a good condition okay. Esok kerja."

"There is no easy hike here. Let's go for moderate hike. It's not that hard."

"Okaylah. Anything will do. Janji boleh sampai bawah sebelum pukul 3."

Lake Louise from hiking trail
Small part of Lake Louise as seen from the hiking trail

The Lake Agnes & Lake Agnes Tea House hike distance is 7 km return and the elevation gains is 400m. On paper (or screen), it sounds easier than Sulphur Mountain. Tapi, sebenarnya, lagi susah. Trail dia curam gila! I'm not good with tempat-tempat yang curam T___T

Selain tu, Lake Louise ni terletak di altitude yang tinggi. Jadi, oxygen level dia memang sedia ada rendah.. Bila kita mendaki ke atas, lagi rendahlah oxygen level dia. Cepat mengah, cepat semput. Saya memang asyik berhenti jelah. Dahlah tak fit, bila tak tahu breathing way yang betul, lagilah haru. Memang hampir nak give up dah sebab rasa macam tak mampu. Nasiblah dapat kawan yang supportive. Gigih jugalah nak habiskan pendakian.

Mirror Lake and Beehive
Mirror Lake and Beehive

Sebelum sampai ke Lake Agnes & Lake Agnes Tea House, akan jumpa Mirror Lake and Beehive ni. Saya tak sure sama ada Beehive tu Small Beehive or Big Beehive. Apparently, there are two Beehives there. Kami stop dekat sini dalam 15 minit untuk tangkap gambar dan berehat-rehat. Oh dekat sini ada banyak chipmunks or squirrels, saya tak sure and they were very very friendly. Kalau awak datang dekat nak tangkap gambar diaorang, diaorang takkan lari. Cute sangat!

Waterfalls near Lake Agnes & Lake Agnes Tea House
Waterfalls near Lake Agnes & Lake Agnes Tea House

Bila sampai Mirror Lake, tu tandanya memang dah dekat sangat dengan Lake Agnes. Ada beberapa ratus meter sahaja lagi. Kalau tak silap saya, trail condition lepas Mirror Lake ni rasanya lagi mencabar. Lagi gerun sebab lagi curam. Ada satu masa tu, saya rasa macam nak suruh Amanda tolong tarikkan tangan saya ke atas sebab saya takut jatuh. Kalau jatuh dari trail tu, memang dah arwah dah.

Dan bila nampak waterfalls macam kat atas tu, memang dah dekat sangat-sangat. Cuma kena panjat tangga sebelum sampai ke Lake Agnes & Lake Agnes Tea House. Memang tahu yang dah nak sampai final point sebab boleh dengar suara-suara orang. Kalau mendongak ke atas pun boleh nampak yang ramai orang dekat atas tu.

Lake Agnes
Lake Agnes

Sampai-sampai atas, I was totally mind-blown okay! It took me 1 1/2 hours to see this view. Subhanallah, memang tak sangka yang Lake Agnes ni cantik sangat-sangat! It felt so surreal to see Lake Agnes with my own eyes. Rasa macam tak percaya ada tempat cantik macam ni dekat tengah-tengah gunung. Tak berkelip mata masa tengok Lake Agnes ni. In fact, I felt that Lake Agnes was way prettier than Lake Louise at that time. 

The water is clear and so cold! Maybe because Lake Agnes is a glacier-fed lake. Saya tak pasti. Nanti saya google. Tapi, selalunya memang macam tulah. Warna air dan temperature glacier-fed lakes memang akan jadi macam tu macam Lac Beauvert.

Big Beehive
Big Beehive

Big Beehive ni terletak dekat sebelah kiri or kanan (depends on your standing position) of Lake Agnes. Boleh daki naik sampai atas tapi kami tak daki sebab tak cukup masa. Kalau tak silap saya, trail dia lebih kurang 1 km lebih juga. Lagipun, kami memang dah penat dah. Kaki dah rasa macam jelly masa tu.

Kami duduk dekat atas ni lebih kurang 1 jam lebih juga. Duduk menikmati view, acah-acah melayan perasaan tepi tasik, dan main tangkap-tangkap gambar. Mula-mula planned nak minum-minum dekat Lake Agnes Tea House sebab alang-alang dah sampai, baiklah merasa kan. Lagipun, Lake Agnes Tea House ni kira iconic jugalah.

Lake Agnes Tea House
Lake Agnes Tea House

But we cancelled our plan. Aish, asyik cancel je. hahaha! There were so many people at the tea house. Some of them were even waiting for their drinks in front of the lake because there was no space. Well, I will never complain if I have to wait for my drinks in front of the beautiful Lake Agnes but the thing is I don't like waiting.

I am also not a big fan of tea or coffee. So, kita passed je lah. By the way, Lake Agnes Tea House ni ada je jual benda lain selain teas and coffee. They sell different type of hot and cold drinks, sweets and desserts, sandwiches and soups, and lunch combos. And Lake Agnes Tea House does not accept debit card or credit card. They only accept cash (USD and CAD) and travelers cheque. Memang nasiblah tak minum or makan sebab saya memang takde cash. Almaklumlah, duduk Canada ni semuanya main swipe-swipe je.

Lake Agnes Tea House
Lake Agnes Tea House

Fun facts about Lake Agnes Tea House

All its employees hike up and hike down to work everyday! They also carry the ingredients with them. Can you imagine that? I bet they must be super fit! I will die if I have to do that T__T

The employees carry their garbage down everyday when they are done for the day. The customers are also expected to do the same. Sila bawah sampah sendiri ke bawah. Ini national park. You are expected to take a good care of it. 

They do not use electric stove. Instead, they use propane.

They use water from Lake Agnes to make all the drinks. Rasa macam duduk kampung sangat bila tengok pekerjanya main cedok-cedok air Lake Agnes pakai cerek.

Beautiful Lake Agnes
Beautiful Lake Agnes

Lepas rasa macam puas sikit dekat Lake Agnes ni, kami pun turun. Kalau boleh nak duduk lama lagi tapi kami rushing sangat masa tu. Perut pun tengah lapar. It was almost the lunch time. Dahlah pagi tu skipped breakfast sebab takde masa nak breakfast. Sibuk sangat nak round The Fairmont Banff Springs pagi-pagi, tanggunglah rasa lapar tu sendiri.

It was easier to go down sebab dah banyak tenaga dan tak perlukan banyak tenaga pun untuk turun kan. Unfortunately, I almost sprained my ankle. Terhincut-hincut lah seorang Farah masa turun ke bawah. We spent the rest of our time by hanging out at Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. I cannot say anything about the hotel as I did not have enough time to tour around the hotel. Kami cuma duduk makan lunch and borak-borak je.

Overall, I was very satisfied with my visit to Lake Louise (including Lake Agnes)! In fact, my visit to Lake Louise made up the big highlight of my Banff trip. It was 6 hours well-spent. I just wish I had more time to explore this beautiful place.

Thursday, November 26, 2015



Petang tadi,
bulan terang sangat.
Buat saya teringat,
kali pertama saya kagum dengan cahaya bulan yang terang amat.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Winter Has Come Again

Winter comes wayyyyyyy to early this year! I'm not ready, yo!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Antara BM Dan BI

Wait, does BM stand for Bahasa Malaysia or Bahasa Melayu? *I need an answer*

Rasanya macam kena update blog ni dalam BM lepas ni. Takpun, lebih banyak guna BM daripada BI. Memang dah letak disclaimer cakap nak guna bahasa rojak sebelum ni. Dan memang selalunya saya update dalam bahasa rojak. Tapi, dalam masa yang sama, rasa macam lagi banyak guna English je. Bila baca balik semua posts, banyak lagi English dari BM.

Macam mana ya?

Saya memang cakap bahasa rojak selalunya. Sebab tu saya lagi suka bahasa rojak. Tapi, kadang-kadang saya terbiasa menulis banyak dalam English sebab saya dikelilingi English speakers. Dan saya dah terbiasa menulis dalam English sebab saya banyak sangat writing assignment.

Tidaklah bermaksud English saya bagus. Kalau baca betul-betul, grammar saya masih juga tunggang terbalik. Kadang saya perasan tapi saya malas nak betulkan! haha! Tapi, pasal terbiasa menulis blog dalam English, benda ni pun meninggalkan kesan dekat writing assignment saya. Asyik-asyik terguna bahasa tidak formal (oh my, bakunya!) masa menulis. Saya budak business, jadi semua writing assignment saya kena ditulis menggunakan bahasa formal. 

Sekarang ni, kalau saya proofread (apa ya proofread dalam BM?) writing assignment saya, saya kena luangkan lebih banyak masa sebab nak periksa bahasa yang saya gunakan ni bahasa formal ke tidak. Dahlah sebelum ni memang lama juga nak proofread sebab nak tengok grammar tu betul ke tak dan nak pastikan bahasa yang saya guna tu konsisten (UK English vs US English) ke tak.

Kalau awak baca post ini, bincangkan sama ada saya patut menulis dalam bahasa rojak (majoriti dalam BM); bahasa rojak (majoriti dalam BI); ataupun dalam BI sepenuhnya.

Terima kasih!

p/s: Serius rasa macam skema sangat-sangat bila menulis dalam BM! haha :D

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Postcards Sent!

I finally have sent all the postcards to the winners of Postcards Giveaway by Doodles of Life. I am so sorry for the delay. Wish I had a better excuse but I was so busy (still am) to go to the post office until last Tuesday.


Hope all the winners will receive and enjoy their postcards. Insya Allah :)

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Goodbye Siwon!

Siwon leaves for his military duty today. Well, I guess not really military duty per se as he is assigned as a conscripted policeman, whatever that means. I guess I can finally slow down my K-pop obsession now that he is gone. haha!

Siwon & Heechul
Siwon is such a fine man! *swoon*

Goodbye Siwon! See you after 2 years, You will be dearly missed :)

Monday, November 16, 2015

Banff Trip 1.0 | Lake Louise

Dreams do come true, everyone! Dreams do come true :)

Lake Louise

Some of you may know that Lake Louise is listed as one of places that I want to go before I die. Alhamdulillah, I had a chance to go to Lake Louise when I went to Banff. Hello lovely Lake Louise!

Amanda was willingly squeezed Lake Louise into our itinerary. Well, sebenarnya dia rasa bersalah sebab dia paksa saya ikut dia pergi Banff ni. Saya sebenarnya tak pernah terfikir pun nak pergi Banff (when I say Banff, I refer to Town of Banff and its proximity, not Banff National Park). Saya cuma teringin nak ke Lake Louise dan Morraine Lake. Untuk menghilangkan perasaan bersalah tu, dia ajak pergi Lake Louise. Lagipun, kami teringin nak tengok Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.

Lake Louise

We spent about 6 hours in Lake Louise. Tak singgah lama sebab bus ke Jasper ada satu je dan esok harinya saya kena kerja. Masa saya sampai sini, menggigil satu badan sebab excited sangat. I cannot believe my own eyes! Lake Louise sangat-sangat cantik! Subhanallah. It met my high expectation.

Lake Louise ni kalau tak silap saya one of the most famous lakes in Canada. Jadinya, memang sangat-sangat ramai tourists. Pening kepala sikit masa baru sampai sebab ramai sangat orang! Setelah duduk dekat tempat yang isolated macam Jasper tu, saya memang tak biasa sangat dengan tempat yang ramai orang. Rasa macam jakun sikit pun ada juga bila tengok orang ramai ni. Punyalah kronik. haha!

Lake Louise
I looked like a hunchback -_-

Menurut kawan saya yang kerja dekat Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise ni, on average, 20 000 people will come everyday just to see Lake Louise! Boleh bayangkan tak macam mana packed nya Lake Louise ni? Takde spots nak tangkap gambar pun. Nak menyelit dekat the most strategic spot pun tak dapat sebab ramai sangat orang. Mesti akan ada orang interframed. Gambar-gambar saya dekat sini pun semua tak cantik sangat. Sedih je bila fikir.

Lake Louise

We planned to canoe here but masya Allah, the waiting line was so long, we decided to cancel our plan. Tak kuasa nak menunggu lama-lama. Sepanjang-panjang barisan. Lake pun penuh dengan canoes dan kayaks. Memang jam-packed la. The moment that our initial plan was ruined, my friend decided to bring us hiking.

Say what?!

Yes, we went for hiking in Lake Louise. Hiking! Again! *oh my poor legs*

I'll save the hiking story for another post. Sebab banyak sangat gambar! haha :p

Lake Louise

By the way, bila saya cakap saya ada dekat Lake Louise ni 6 jam, bukan 6 jam saya duduk depan tasik ni. Saya cuma duduk lepak-lepak kat depan tasik ni dalam 1 jam sahaja. Yang lain tu habis dekat hiking dan lepak-lepak dalam Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.

Lake Louise ni heaven untuk outdoor activities lover. Banyak sangat outdoor activities dekat sini. Kalau tak berapa suka outdoor activities, agak sukar nak enjoy Lake Louise ya sebab Lake Louise ni memang ada Lake Louise (dan segala gunung dan glaciers) je dekat situ. Takde benda lain yang boleh dibuat dekat Lake Louise ni.

Tapi, kalau awak macam saya yang suka sangat tengok nature view yang subhanallah sangat-sangat cantik, yang tak kisah duduk berjam-jam tengok pemandangan cantik macam ni, insya Allah you can enjoy Lake Louise like I did :D

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Banff Trip 1.0 | Trans-Canada Highway (Banff - Lake Louise)

We left The Fairmont Banff Springs and Town of Banff quite early as we planned to go to Lake Louise. Instead of leaving Banff at 1:30ish in the afternoon, we left around 8 AM.

Our bus took Trans-Canada Highway from Banff to Lake Louise. For your information, Trans-Canada Highway is one of the longest highway in the world. It connects the east side and west side of Canada. Just in case you don't know, Canada is one of the largest countries in the world. So, hope you get a rough idea how long it is.

Trans-Canada Highway is also identified as one of scenic roads / highways along with the Icefields Parkway. The scenery along the highway was so spectacular that I did not want to take any pictures. I just wanted to indulge myself with the scenery.

We finally got to see all the mountains that were hidden two days before. The sun shone so bright. The sky was so blue. It was a pure bliss. Alhamdulillah! :)

It took one hour or less to get to Lake Louise from Banff. However, it did not feel like an hour or so. It felt like 10 minutes. Time flew so fast that I did not even realize it. I was too occupied with the view.

The view looked way different compared to when we came. I was so so happy and grateful for this chance of seeing the beautiful sky and beautiful view of Rocky Mountains in Banff :)

Monday, November 09, 2015

Class On Relationships

I just learned about relationships in one of my classes last week. It was an exciting class. Three hours flew by just like that. Some of the things that we discussed were so funny. We talked about different kind of relationships. We talked about friendship, hook-up, friends with benefits, fuck buddies and dating. None of them are applicable to me except friendship. lol 

At the end of this class, I found myself busy reevaluating my current relationships. It made me want to appreciate some of my friends more! Besides, the class left me with so many questions that I have to answer before I start a new relationship especially romantic relationship.

Ironically, the class made me want to be single more than ever. haha! Relationships can be frightening. Ok bye! :p

Friday, November 06, 2015

Happy 10th Anniversary!

Super Junior
Super Junior

Happy 10th anniversary to my favourite K-pop group ever, Super Junior! You guys have come a long way despite all the challenges, incidents, scandals, controversies, rumours, and shitty treatment from SM. lol :p

Congratulations too on the subsidiary label, Label SJ. Hopefully Super Junior as a group will have better promotions in the future as you guys are in charge of managing yourselves. Please show to SM that you guys can do everything better than them (will never forget the tragic Magic!).

Sapphire Blue Ocean
Sapphire Blue Ocean

In order to celebrate the 10th anniversary, I spent 3 hours of my November 6, 2015 watching Super Show 6 in Japan. Ahhhh, Super Show is still fun and entertaining like ever. I can feel the energy through my computer screen. I was chanting along with other ELFs in my room. I was fangirling so hard! My housemates probably think I am crazy right now. haha!

Siwon & Kyuhyun
Siwon & Kyuhyun

How I wish I was there with other ELFs. How I wish I could go to Super Show one day. Oh my wishful thinking. Well, that day probably will be very far or will never arrived as I want Siwon and KRY to attend the Super Show. *crying at the corner of my messy room*

Whatever. *in denial*

Cheers for the past 10 years and to many more years to come! :)

Super Junior

Okay, back to writing my never ending assignments T_T
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